Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Let's Talk Training Week 5

Week 5 and I'm starting to feel that "hurts so good" feeling each Saturday evening!  This week I had the added bonus of a cranky back which had me walking around the grocery store like a little old lady!  Here is how it all broke down!  New Bedford Half here I come!
Monday: 3-5 miles- Ran 3.1 basement miles and 50 burpees
Tuesday: Kettlebells-Aubs woke up about 20 min before I needed to be up and out the door so it was just a burpee day for me
Wednesday: 6 mile tempo-Snow day/sleet day so I headed to the gym early and got in 8.2 miles on the mill...people watching is so much more fun than my basement! 50 burpees
Thursday: 7 miles-I swung the kettlebells by myself and ended up tweaking my back trying to NOT hit someone who were way too close!  Long story short I got in 4.4 miles before I remembered that I needed to walk the next day and pushing it with my angry back would not be pretty! 100 burpees
Friday: Xtrain-Back was stiff waking up so I tried some stretching after my 50 burpees.
Saturday: 10 miles-I was up in Boston again staying with Jill for work so it was a no brainer...up at 4:30 and out the door at 5am!  Let me just tell you this was an adventure (one my back is still not my friend about)!  Since they got far more snow than us we had to climb down snow drifts to get to the beach...then back up them to get to the trail...then skate our way along an icy and snowy trail...back down to the beach...and back to her house!  I seriously would have NEVER done it with anyone else!  Somehow when we run together everything sounds like a great idea!  With frozen faces and numb legs we even made up a song about how much we love running!  The sunrise was gorgeous and it felt awesome to be out there....frozen and all! Bonus 50 burpees
I love this one for some reason...glowing from the run!
Sunday: Rest-Woke up with 50 burpees and then "rested" aka cleaned the house and chased my chickies around!  I'm excited that I am cruising along though with the #ffburpee challenge with 750/1000!!!

**I'm going to be adding weight training and stretching advice from my trainer (aka the lady who got me obsessed about kettlebells) here each week...call it a "What Would Mary Do" section.  My question to all of you is...What types of things would you like her to talk about?  Kettlebells...pilates...stretches...foam rolling...weights...ask away!**


  1. I really want to get into kettlebells. I've done a few moves using dumbells, but think I'd really have a blast with kettlebells. I don't even know what size to start with - any suggestions?

  2. Kettlebells! I am loving mine and would love to learn more about it. Hope your back is feeling better, mine finally is and finally ran last night. You are killing the burpees! I had to back off, my back was not having it! Boo.

  3. I too am becoming intrigued with this kettlebell craze! I'm so bad at formal cross training....just wanna run! But I may have to try this out.

    Oooh, I've heard New Bedford Half is a good one!

  4. All of the above! Sounds like a great addition to the blog, can't wait to read!