Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favs

I was a little stuck for what to talk about today so I decided to share with you some things that are making me smile lately!
Kara Goucher and Oiselle...unless you are living under a rock you heard the huge news yesterday that the great Kara Goucher has joined the Oiselle family!  A great move made by both parties!!
Why does Kara look so happy here?  Well I'm sure it's because she just realized what I did this morning...Kara is now sponsored by Oiselle...Oiselle sponsored a Twitter chat with ZOOMA Woman's Race Series...I'm an ambassador for ZOOMA PLUS I just bought an Oiselle shirt...which pretty much confirms that Kara and I are BFFs!!  Call me Kara!

Feeling the OOO...I was given a pair of Oofos recovery sandals to try out last week.  On Tuesday I ran a quick 4 miler before dinner and was so excited to put on my comfy sweats and these bad boys!!!
Stay tuned for a full review...but these bad boys are definitely making my feet smile!

#Selfie...Have you heard this song?  It's annoying and genius all at the same time!!  Either way my sister shared this story with me yesterday about a hilarious girl from the NYC Half Marathon last weekend.  This girl certainly made the time pass taking funny selfies with guys along the route!
Tommie Copper...From recovery to now back to training one thing has been as constant as my foam Tommie Copper gear!  I'm seriously loving this gear and will give you the full scoop soon!

Bag lady...As a working mom I am always draped in bags...diaper bag, work bag, lunch box, gym bag.  The challenge is that most bags slip off my shoulder and it drives me bonkers!  I was excited when I was contacted by Apera to try out their Active Pack.  It's a backpack designed for active lifestyles!
 Again a full review is on its way but I can see this also being VERY useful come Ragnar time!!!

Back to Bells...To wrap up this day of what's making me smile I just have to put in here that I was able to join back up with my group of ladies for our weekly kettlebell workout together!
I took it easy for my first time back and I am happy to report that there is NO back pain!!!  Yay!!!

What's making you smile this Friday?


  1. how have i not heard of the selfie song?!?! and i LOVE my apera bag!!!

  2. I agree I thought that selfie song was like some weird commercial at first, then I heard people saying it was a massive hit!

  3. I am taking my first-ever Trapeze class tomorrow! Eeek! And I am about to sign up for the Newport 10-Miler (which I see you're running, too). Between that race, ZOOMA and the Runner's World festival, it looks like we'll be "running" into each other a lot this year :>

  4. i need to look up this self song. I too somehow stumbled upon that girl yesterday--- interesting idea to make the miles ticket by.

    yay for no back pain. Sometimes when i do kettebells too intense my hips bother me- its always something

  5. I am lovng my Active pack and know you will too!!

  6. Selfie song is bizarre but Selfie runner girl is awesome!

  7. Great lists! I can see why they're your favs. My favorite of the week is still the feeling of my first race of 2014. A trail race on the all too rare beautiful day :)

  8. Awesome lst! Love me some kettle bells!

  9. YAY you are back to kettlebells! Lots of great things on your list, I am also loving my TC gear right now, I have capris and tights and sometimes live in them for days. Apera makes great bags don't they!!