Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Let's Talk Training Week 9

I think this will be the last training update that is pretty lame including just one run!  After 3 weeks of resting and stretching, I am confident that I am back and ready to resume training again.  It has been nice relaxing with the hubs each night watching TV and such but I'm ready to be running and kicking a little hiney now!  I have made the tough decision to back out of the half this weekend and turn my focus to the Newport 10 miler coming up the end of April.  This one was awesome last year but I bonked towards the end.  I'm not letting that happen this time around and I'm hoping to get in a few runs along the course while I'm visiting my family. 

This week wasn't all resting and being a couch potato.  I did have one awesome morning run on Saturday with my girl Jill while I was in the North Shore. 

She has been rocking the training as she gets ready to run London in April.  She has a giveaway going on on her blog.  A donation of $15 gets you entered to win a Wears Woody hat....they are super cute!! 

She has been really battling this winter and it was such a soul filling run complete with amazing sunset views!


  1. You've been listening to your body and that isn't lame.

  2. Smart move on backing out of the race. Concentrate on the Newport 10 miler and rock it!

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better, smart decision about the race. Better safe than sorry!