Thursday, March 13, 2014


Happy Thursday!!  I'm sitting here in my living room typing away while sleet is tapping at our big picture window!  It never ceases to amaze me how much weather can change so quickly!  Just Tuesday the girls and I were at the park without our jackets soaking up the warm weather!!  Weather is random...and so are today's three things! (You like how I did that?)

Glasses....Something that has changed in the Fancy Nancy house is that our youngest has gotten glasses.  The doctors are trying a number of things at once in a way to save her sight now and begin to correct it.  These glasses, which make her look absolutely adorable by the way, is what keeps me up at night.  The first day we had them she wouldn't even keep them on for 10 seconds! 
I went to bed discouraged but determined to get her to keep them on....even more determined than she was to take them off!!  Yesterday she went to daycare and around lunchtime her babysitter texted me a picture of her sitting eating her lunch with her glasses on...and they had been on all day!!!  That illustrates our second child perfectly (and from what my mother has said, it was me too)!  She's going to do it on her terms...when she wants she wants to.  Qualities I struggle with now but ones I pray she keeps as she gets older!

Wears Woody...I posted about this Tuesday, but be sure to head on over to Lipstick and Plimsolls and enter to win a Wears Woody hat while also supporting cancer research.  Jill needs your help getting to her goal...and London! 
 Ragnar...There are only two months until I join up with our AWESOME team and run my very first relay!!!
I am so excited but at the same time I am a details girl...what to wear, what to eat, what to expect, what to write on the van...Well I'm throwing it back to you all and looking for advice.  What is you #1 piece of wisdom you can give me about running a relay like Ragnar?  What did you learn after doing one that you wish you knew before?  I'm psyched to run...psyched about my leg...and psyched about meeting some of my very favorite bloggers and getting to hang with them for 200 miles!!!


    she's so flipping adorable and, since Ive had experience with littles and specs, I KNOW HOW HARD THAT FIRST DAY WAS!!

  2. I've only done one relay before, Reach the Beach. I'm super excited to be running with you!!! I brought clothes to change into after each leg and actually brought 3 running outfits last time - but since we have an outfit in mind...I'm thinking I'll just run in that 3 times. I'm bringing shower wipes, lots of water (like 2 gallons), and fuel/larabars. We'll start a list of ideas either on our fb page or on google docs! :) I think that helped last time. I am loving her glasses!!!! They are adorable. AND I am done with winter. Snow day again here!

    1. Thanks Jen!! Another snow day????? Yikes! That would send me over the edge!

  3. Make sure you pack your sense of humor! I did my first relay (and so far only) last summer and I was so worried about everything but it ended up being a total blast. I also bought some extra large ziplock bags and packed each outfit in those, then put the dirty outfit back into the one I just emptied. Helped to keep the stink out. Also, we kept the front passenger seat as the "sweaty seat". The runner who just finished got to sit there (on their own towel) while the next runner was going. This also contained the gross to one general area.

  4. Awe, your daughter is adorable with her glasses. I'm so sorry that you're having to endure this challenge. My oldest is disabled (Prader-Willi Syndrome) so I can relate to the worry that comes with these kinds of things and our children. As for the relay, I've run several Ragnar's one of the best things I added to my arsenal is one of those eye covers. You will tend to be trying to get some zzz's often when it's still light outside. I don't sleep easily to begin with and that eye mask was a lifesaver for me. That and lots of salty snacks!

  5. Your daughter does look adorable with those glasses on, hope they help do the trick.
    I am doing Ragnar Napa this year.. so excited. My best advice is pack a variety of snacks what tastes good before/after the first leg does not always taste so good by the third leg. Relax, have fun and meet lots of people along the way. Soak it in, I think it is such an amazing team experience for runners who are traditionally more solo.

  6. those glasses are too cute- reminds me of Jerry McGuire boy!

    So much Ragnar wisdom to impart- i need to take a look at that document posted yesterday and see if there is anything that was left off and I'll add to it :)

  7. Those glasses are too much... way too adorable! One day maybe I'll be able to do a Ragnar until then, I jus keep reading about it in blogs! :)

    Maria @ The Good Life