Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Let's Talk Training

This past week left me with a big smile across my face!!!  I was walking shuffling through Stop and Shop on Sunday with my family with a smile plastered across my face knowing my sore legs were the result of a great week of training!  Here's how it broke down...what I did is in pink!
Monday: 1m WU, T 2 m, 1m CD...Nailed it!  4.2 miles total
Tuesday:  KB...Switched things up after spending the day at Children's Hospital so I worked out my frustration on the road...5 miles total
Wednesday: 5 miles...did this the day before so I went to the gym early for KB
Thursday: 5 mile tempo...KB with my friends and then 5 miles after
Friday: 3 miles...Woke up early and banged out 3 miles!
Saturday: 10 miles...Met up with run group and had an awesome 10 mile run!
Sunday:  Rest...Yes thank you Lord!!!  Legs were SORE so rested felt amazing!  Sported my Tommie Copper compression all day long (full review coming!)!!!
Total miles...30
 As sore as I was I knew it was for a good reason!  I made sure I rolled a lot in the morning and stretched after running!  There is no need to be injured again!  With 5 weeks until the Newport 10 miler, I'm feeling strong...much stronger than last year!!!


  1. That's some awesome training!!!! Nice job!

  2. Yay for feeling strong. You're right. There really is no need to be injured again. I need to tattoo that on my arm :)

  3. What an awesome week! Good work.