Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I will freely admit that I absolutely jacked this idea from fellow ZOOMA ambassador Jessica at Keeping Mommy Sane!  I was looking for ideas and she posted this beauty and I decided to play along!!  Here is what the life of Fancy Nancy is looking like these days!

Currently Reading: Graduate papers and final projects.  One of the downfalls of having a project due at the end of a course instead of a test is that I need to read ALL THE LESSON PLANS!!!  I'm getting a little cross-eyed but I will get through it!  I try to make personal comments so they know I'm not just arbitrarily giving them a grade! 

Currently listening to: Pandora...Sarah McLachlan Holiday! 
We listen to Christmas music the moment it comes on the 24hour loop in our house and this channel gives me the holiday cheer without the "Dominic the Donkey" flair!  I love it!

Current Show: Now let me say that I love and DVR any and every Real Housewives and watch them when no one in my house is awake...seriously these people are fascinating!!  However, hubs and I starting watching Homeland many seasons ago (like the Brody days) and we have been watching it together every Sunday night...or Monday night if we can't stay awake!!
I will admit that lately the episodes have been so action-packed that I have had trouble after falling asleep.  I mean really thinking of crazy terrorists is one thing...quite another when they end up on the news the next day.  Scary....

Current Challenges:  I am continuing my yearly tradition of being part of #HolidaySweat with Amanda and Sweat Guru as well as joining in on #Elf4Health.  These are both going really well and are as always a fun way to stay active during the holidays...must rack up those points!  This week's challenge in #HolidaySweat is yoga...which fit perfectly in with my personal challenge with GaiamTV to do more stretching and yoga to find a balance between my go go go workouts and the rest my body needs!  Currently GaiamTV is having a Gratitude Special where you can get free access to their videos until December 24th! 
A great way to try it out and see the vast resources you can tap into!!

Current Need:  A good maid...seriously I have fought this point for years and years but I think I may be waving the white flag at this point after cleaning and getting ready for my daughter's birthday party this weekend (I'll post more on that later!).  I work 2 jobs and my husband works full time as well...we have 2 girls...and my hubby and I are both active people who spend time either at the gym or out on the road.  Inevitably what gets ignored is the house.  I mean don't think the Fancy Nancy house is dirty but there are certainly some parts that need some attention.  Time just flies by and I forget about it!  Now if I could just find someone who will also do laundry...put it away...plan meals...and grocery shop life would be even more amazing!!

Current Annoyance:  Dental work...I put it off far too long and boy now I am paying for it!  I went in this morning and well....it's going to be a doosey!  The only plus is that they were talking about getting me a guard for grinding (sounds sexy huh?) that could also double as a retainer!  In all honesty this makes me psyched since I lost my retainer (after 22 years) and have been so nervous without it!! 

Current Beverage:  Coffee with SF Chocolate Mint creamer...I guzzle quite a bit of water each day but each morning I love me some coffee (and perhaps afternoon too!!).  Coffeemate (don't judge) makes an awesome sugar free chocolate mint creamer that just screams Christmas time!!  I sit by the tree and sip away....that is until the chickies wake up and then it's being guzzled while standing at the kitchen counter while I make lunches and breakfasts!  Either way I'm loving it!

Currently Thankful for:  My support system...My hubs is my number one cheerleader but these days around the holidays I am reminded of how blessed we are. 
I love watching the Christmas cards coming in and seeing friends and family around this time!  Life can be a roller coaster at times but to be reminded that there are others with you on that ride is so comforting!  Loving traditions with great friends like making cookies and seeing Santa!!  I also am thankful for the ladies that I have met as a runner...such a vast group but one I know I can call on no matter what!  I love seeing them around and hearing from them...and planning races with them!  There was a time in my life when I did feel very lonely and disconnected which makes it all the more important to give thanks for the fullness around me!


  1. Loved this post. Sometimes it's nice hearing about the day to day little things in peoples lives. I enjoy Homeland as well. What a great show! But I tend to wait until we have a few stored up and then gorge on it. Right now I'm really digging Sons of Anarchy on Amazon. Dental work is the pits. But I've got to deal with mine in the upcoming year. I just wish it wasn't so dang expensive!

  2. We are all truly blessed. A maid would be fabulous! Maybe I'll share a Current list :)

  3. Love this! I've got to check out SM Holiday. We've been looking for some new music!

  4. I totally understand you need a cleaning lady, not sure how you fit house work in with work and kids! I'm a stay at home mom and we have a cleaning lady once a month. I love it! She takes care of the deep cleaning while I take care of maintenance throughout the month