Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Motivation

I've gotten myself in a place lately where I'm liking my liking them a little too I need to start throwing the hammer down a little bit more.  On Saturday, I was running around the campus of my alma mater, which is also where I am an adjunct professor.  I was trotting along thinking running in the dark and the rain was plenty to take me out of my comfort zone.  I passed this set of stairs...and up I went...each mile I passed it I sprinted up.  Yes it was hard...God knows my lungs were burning...but when it was all over, I felt awesome!  I need a little more of that in my workouts...getting to the end and feeling unstoppable!
Do you push yourself to your limits or do you fall into the comfortable?
Go out and challenge yourself this week!

Speaking of a challenge.....

That's right you can get 10% off your 2015 ZOOMA race registration for ANY ZOOMA race by using the code NANCY15!!!  Treat yourself by signing up between December 8th-14th!!!  You don't have to be joining me on Cape Cod (even though I would LOVE for you to!) since this works for any ZOOMA race!  Are you joining in the ZOOMA fun? 


  1. Im getting so so so changed right now :-)

  2. Awesome job throwing the stairs in there- that is not easy!! Hmm, I'm considering that race. I'm not sure what my fall will look like but I'd love an excuse to come to Cape Cod!

  3. Nicely done on adding in the stairs. Sometimes I tend to push too much actually. But then again, sometimes I don't - like skipping out on speed work b/c that sounds too tough but then randomly doing tempo runs. So maybe if it's not planned ;-)

  4. That's awesome. I need to push myself a little bit more for sure! I've been thinking about running a Zooma race!

  5. I tend to push to much and have to work to make the easy days easy. Great job adding in stairs, I bet that was tough and awesome!