Friday, December 12, 2014

What to Get a Runner...Part 1

It's that time of year again when you are out to find the "just right" gift for that fabulous runner in your life...perhaps that fabulous runner is you!  These next few Fridays I am going to highlight a few gifts each time as ideas for you to give that very person!  Let's just call it my version of the 12 days of Christmas!

The gift injury free year!  Runners all know that to get better/faster you need to put in the work.  What runners aren't always good at is that cross training/stretching part!  Why not give your runner a month's subscription to GaiamTV, an online resource for all things yoga!
They have some really great videos...even ones geared toward runners!  The added bonus is that they can do it anywhere they want...hotel room, friend's house, or in their own home (if they're like me and don't want anyone to see just how NOT bendy they are)!  A month's subscription is only $9.95.  Help them be on their way to staying injury free!

The gift of...happy feet!  From the moment I was introduced to Feetures socks through ZOOMA I was in love!
They come in a huge assortment of awesome colors (men too!) and are honestly the most comfortable socks I have ever owned!  The bonus is that they keep my feet blister free no matter what the conditions are!  I love them so much I even made it to their website with a few friends of mine!!  Lol!  I've never shared this on here before but I just LOVE it and get all giggly when I watch it!

You can order Feetures online or find them in your local running store!

The gift of...A RACE!  Yes runners love their races and what better gift than to give them a race entry!  You local 5k all the way up to a destination race like....say...a ZOOMA race near you!!!  There are 5 fabulous locations to treat that running lady in your life!  Be sure to save yourself a little coin and use the code NANCY15!
The gift of...sage advice and laughs!  Some of my favorite running books have come from the two amazing ladies that make up Another Mother Runner
Their books Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother are still sitting pretty on my night stand dog eared and highlighted!  Well these fabulous ladies are doing it again and releasing their third book soon!
You can preorder it on Amazon today!  While you're at it you can order their previous two books for that mother runner in your life!!!

Stay tuned next week when I talk more about what gear to gift your favorite runner in your life!!!
What's on your running gift list?