Thursday, December 11, 2014

Three Tips Thursday

This time of year brings it's own challenges with it.  Those of you who were already strapped for time (seriously time is worth it's weight in gold lately), are finding yourself with extra responsibilities and duties.  We were blessed with our oldest daughter being born just 6 days before Christmas, so yesterday I was scouring every craft store on the hunt for the perfect Frozen decorations...and hour later I think I have purchased every silver and light blue glittery and sequin product made along with every snowflake on Cape Cod!! 
I mean with a cake as fabulous as this...
I love this time of year and the fun of spending time with friends and family...planning just the right birthday party for my chickie...baking cookies and doing for just the right gifts(well not always)...spending time with my loved ones by the light of the twinkly lights...driving around neighborhoods just to spy lights.  I don't however love getting to January 1st and feeling bloated and just plain blah!  With the rise in activities I want to be doing with those I love, there comes the challenge of fitting in the workouts that help to keep me smiling and my pants fitting!  This is a challenge for sure and I have a few tips for you to conquer this.
How do you fit in fitness during the holidays?  Any tips to add?

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