Tuesday, March 24, 2015

21 Day Fix

First let me apologize for being late to announce the winner of the $50 Tommie Copper Giveaway!  The winner is Suzanne W!  Congrats Suzanne!  Email me and I will get you going!  Thank you to all of you who entered the giveaway!!

I started my second round of 21 Day Fix at the beginning of March.  I had done one round already but I really feel like I needed another round to really get going.  I think I learned a lot from the first round and was able to put it all together for this one!  Between sick kids and lots of "fun" things like that, I wasn't certain how the results would be but I channeled my inner Carla and WICWICed my way through the 21 days!  I made the best choices I could when I could and started feeling so much better at least a week into the whole 21 days!  I started feeling in control of my eating again which was a huge thing for me.  I had felt like over the Summer and into the school year I was getting out of control with my eating.  I really feel like the 21 Day Fix had enough guidelines for me to have freedom but also gain control of my choices! 

Ok ok I know what you're really looking for...the results.  Well I was honestly blown away by my results and I can't wait to start back up with the group again in April...Summer here I come (you know once all the snow melts!)
8lbs lost
11 inches lost overall
2 inches from my waist
2 inches from my hips
NSV...Fitting into a size 6 skinny jeans!!!
Have you ever tried 21 Day Fix?  I am really thinking I'd like to try the Extreme version in April...anyone want to let me borrow?


  1. Great results! I love Carla's philosphy and follow it myself :) You are looking awesome!

  2. tomorrow is my last day of 21 day fix (technically it was sunday but I slacked the first few days of my period so I'm carrying it over) SO PLEASED with my results!

  3. WAHOOO! I have been loving it too and fun to be in the same group with you. so happy for your awesome results. You look wonderful! And congrats to Suzanne <3 for winning your TC giveaway, too.

  4. I love the fix and fix extreme! Did you work with a beachbody coach?

  5. Congratulations! I tried the diet plan (without the shakeology or workouts because gag and I didn't know where I'd fit them in with my running and what I was already doing). I didn't lose any weight. I think the first couple weeks my calories were too low and then next week I sort of gave up because I didn't see it working. I'm glad it worked for you.

  6. Congrats! You look great! I have heard a lot of great things about the 21 day fix; I am glad that it worked so well for you.