Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let's Talk Training....Februrary in Review

February has left the building folks and I can't tell you how excited I am to put this month behind me!!!  It had so much promise!  I was coming off of a 120 mile month and was ready to keep the momentum going...until Mother Nature decided to release the beast and dumped 4 feet of snow on our seaside town in about 3 weeks!

As the mercury began to plummet so did my motivation and mileage totals!  I'm ok with it now though....ready to dust myself off...strap on my Sauconys...and take on March (as soon as we get over this nasty stomach bug!)  The elementary school teacher in me can't just leave it behind, I need to look for positives so here are some training high lights from February.
  • I completed my first round of the 21 Day Fix...I started the second yesterday.  I learned a lot more about portion control and saw my eating start to reign in a lot more.  I think I see the promise of some ab muscles once the fluff goes away!  I like the workouts and the fact that I can incorporate running and the videos together.
  • I has some fun times running with the ladies from Marathon Sports including our most recent run where I discovered Yaktrax. 
    Seriously I felt like a kid running along not worrying about every step.  I actually have a pair waiting for me to go pick up...yes it's March but if you saw my neighborhood (aka Elsa's playground) you would understand why I'm probably going to need these bad boys until April!
  • While like any good New Englander I did do my fair share of complaining about the snow, I did have fun in it!  I dubbed it our sledding world tour hitting any golf course or back yard we could think of!  It was fun to see Aubs discover her daring side and have fun...even though some of the time the snow was over her head!  We certainly have two girls who love the snow!  
  • I gained even more Tommie Copper love! 
    I have a fabulous giveaway coming this week...seriously just love this and spent a lot of time in my new tights...both running and not!
  • I am proud, considering my motivation all month, that I still had a pretty good month mileage wise.  I was happy to hit 86 miles this month and I know I will be back on track this month!
So see ya later February...don't go with the feeling that you'll be missed!  I'm ready to refocus on my mantra to "Better Your Best" and start training!


  1. I am so impressed with your mileage in this weather! Great job!

  2. Great job with your mileage with all that snow! Those shoes are pretty! I love bright shoes.

    Tommie Copper... I am such a fan!