Friday, March 27, 2015

You Know You're a Distance Runner When...

Last week heading out the door for my recovery run before I changed my mind, I failed to grab my Yurbuds which meant for the next 5 miles it was me and my own thoughts....YIKES!  What's a good running blogger to do?  Write a post of course!!  I began to think of all the kooky things distance runners consider normal...that we may not even realize that 90% of the world's population thinks is absolutely insane!!

You know you're a distance runner when... go to bed early on a Friday night while others are just leaving their house for dinner so that you can be up and fresh for a long run! use words like fartlek, tempo, and repeats like they are every day common language that all your friends and family can understand! consider 5 miles and easy run...shake out run...recovery run! actually wake up the next morning after running double digits and again!
...that achy, sore, tired feeling in your legs brings a smile to your face! travel/go to work with your own foam roller, stick, and ball!
...your mileage count is already well past 100....and of course you keep track of it! cross a finish line....and begin to look for the next one! drop over $100 dollars on sneakers in a heartbeat but would never spend that on a regular pair of shoes!
...eating things named GU, chia, bloks, or stingers is part of your everyday life!
What would YOU add to the list??


  1. Your "normal" friends all have more Toenails than you do.

  2. Yes, definitely staying in on Friday nights! Also, water-loading fun before a long ru. Or race.

  3. Hahaha so true!! You are a runner make another round around your block to make it a full mile.