Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Talking Training...Own It Week 2

Last week was week 2 of the Own It plan from Train Like a Mother.  I knew going into this that this plan was going to be a challenge and I have to say that I have to keep reminding myself that the only way to get faster is to put in the work and STRETCH myself!  Each week brings its own bag of fun and new challenges!  Week 3 bring hill repeats so stay tuned for that fun!  Lol!  Here is how week 2 shook out!

Monday: Fun Workout....I did 3 miles on the mill at the gym and kettlebells after for "fun"!  I work late on Mondays so I need to remember to drag myself out of bed early because a run after working until 8 is no fun!
Tuesday: 1 mile WU; Tempo 2 miles; 1 mile CD...This was one of those workouts I had to keep telling myself not to quit...not to quit on my dream...not to quit on me!  The result?  Totally felt badass and proud of myself!!
Wednesday: Rest...I hit the gym for a bike ride and leg sesh.  I'm so not used to resting midweek.
Thursday:  5 miles with negative splits...I joined my friends at Marathon Sports for this one.  Newton Running was there to demo their shoes and promote their new #RunningMakesMeFeel campaign.  It was so fun to be spelling out a word and the pouring rain at the end put an extra negative in my splits for sure!!  5.5 miles

Friday: 3 miles...treadmill again!  I think I need to bring back the lunch runs!
Saturday:  10 mile Long Run with 2 miles at race pace...The weather for this run started off iffy and rainy and ended with pouring rain and snowflakes paired with high winds.  SUCKED!  I did get in my 2 miles at race pace but they weren't mid run...more like beginning before the sky opened! (I have a few weeks to play with since I started this plan before I needed to for ZOOMA.  I think I'm going to redo this long run!)

Sunday:  Rest...This I did...slept in and then dragged the family around Ikea so we could finally tame our playroom!

How did your week go?  Are you training for anything?  Let me know so I can cheer you on!
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  1. What word did you spell out for the Newton campaign? A store here in NH spelled LOVE...it looked pretty awesome!
    BTW - I'm so glad I can keep in touch with you this way. I think it will help me not feel so far away :)

    1. We spelled good! I agree! It won't make China seem like...well the other side of the planet! ;-)

  2. YAY! Great week. Happy that things are going well for you and that you are DOING IT! :)

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