Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Week of Running

This past week the ladies and I went down to visit my family in RI.  It is a yearly tradition to head down for a week of sleepovers and cousin time along with VBS at our church.  The girls always look forward to this week since it is much harder to get down there during the school year!

We usually have about a million ideas of things we want to do while we are down there complete with hours of trampoline jumping and raspberry picking.  This week also included a fun dodgeball tournament for us adults!!

One of the things I love during this week is being able to run some of my favorite routes and see some amazing sights!  I started the week with my long run of 10.5 miles along the Ocean Drive and past some former presidential summer homes like the Kennedys and the Eisenhowers.

Another run went along Bellevue Ave and then turned onto one of my favorite places to run, the Cliff Walk.  This is about a 4 mile path that climbs along the ocean and the backyards of the ridiculously wealthy!  I love the sights here...helps me to really think...just me and the ocean.

Wednesday I hit up the track for some very HOT and humbling 800s!  I brought all the ladies with me!!  I have to say only one...OP...stuck with it and made it 2 miles.  The others were more than happy to watch from the stadium seats!  Lol!

I ended the week with hill repeats which aren't usually fun but a change of scenery always shakes things up and makes them more interesting!

I won't say all these miles were perfect and my pace was on point the entire time, but I covered the distances I needed to and more than that I enjoyed them!  There a few more routes I still wanted to run...guess we need to go back!

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  1. Newport is gorgeous! Looks like you had some great runs!