Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Motivation

I've seen this quote a few times before and it always makes me giggle!  I've often been in the middle of a race and made a comment similar to..."And I paid to do this!"  But when I don't do it...when I don't get up ass early...when I don't get my sweat on and push my body to the limit...I am certainly NOT the best version of myself!  Taking care of yourself...finding what it is that gives back to you is not's NEEDED!  My children are home for the summer and we are rocking the beach circuit but I'm still getting up at 4am to get out and get in my workout so that I can be me....kind of like those Snickers commercials...You're not you when you don't get your sweat on!!

What do you do for you?


  1. I agree 100%
    My husband sometimes asks, "You didn't run yet did you? You're kinda bitchy"
    I don't take offense because it's so true!
    Can you swing by my house and drag me out of bed at 4??

    1. It's not pretty getting up that early but it certainly becomes a habit!

  2. Its so true. Sometimes when I am procrastinating about a run I just have to remind myself how much I will regret skipping it!