Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Motivation

With 10 weeks until ZOOMA Cape Cod, it is time to keep my eye on the prize!!!  I will admit that the last few weeks I have been slacking a little...not so much the amount of mileage I have been putting in but the intensity of the miles.  A walk here....dropped pace there...cookie here...mixed drink there and here I am far heavier than I need to be if I'm going to break 1:50 in September.  Starting today...without looking's step by step...good choice after good choice...keeping my eye on the prize!  It is going to take is going to take is going to take determination...but I, we all, have it in us to do great things!!
How do you stay focused during the summer months?


  1. Training through the summer is hard, but I know you will get your prize!!

  2. It's truly a constant battle isn't it! so much temptation :)