Thursday, July 9, 2015


Here they three randoms for the week...enjoy!

Stop the Train!!!  Is it me or is this Summer FLYING by?  We have only been out of school for a few weeks but good gravy it is Thursday again and I feel like I'm sitting here pumping the brakes!!  I love Summer for all things warm and beachy but it is more than that for me.  It means time...unscheduled time if I just be with my girls.  I may not have the ability to not work but I certainly hit the jackpot by being able to work and have the gift of Summer with them where we can spend days at the do whatever for 2 months each year.  Could someone just let me know how to slow that time down please?

Cousins Week...This coming week we are headed to my home state Little Rhody and spending the week with my family....a week of cousins and grandparents and beaches and memories and bucket lists and raspberry picking and fun!  That being said I am going to take the week off from writing here while I soak in the memories and salt air (yes the air is different in Newport!).  I will of course be posting all the fun on follow along!

Deep Thoughts...Last month my sister, a friend, and I trekked into Boston to see the author and speaker Glennon Doyle Melton, author of Carry On, Warrior and blog Momastery.

Truth be told I had read a few things that Glennon had written but I knew very little of what to expect.  Sometimes that is the best way to be because I was unaware of how open I was to what she was sharing that night.  That sweaty night at the Old South Church has left me thinking...and challenging...and thinking some more about the life I am putting out there for all to see...challenging deep, deep norms I have put all around me to help navigate life...challenging the example I want to give my girls.  I do need to think more...let the points marinate a bit (hopefully looking out over my childhood backyard!) before I share but they were exactly what I needed to it's just to get the courage to live it!

How's your week?  Flying by or crawling along?


  1. yes, summer is flying by! It seems like the older I get the faster it goes by! Sounds like a nice trip you had with your sister & your friend.