Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Motivation

Yesterday I saw this posted on the fabulous Glennon's Instagram page and it hit be like a bag of bricks.  Yesterday I looked like an escapee from a psych ward....done with my kids who hadn't been sleeping and who seemed that their goal in life was to push me over the edge...done with the never-ending laundry, dishes, dust, you name it...just done.  Then I saw this.  Hubs offered to let me go out by myself but mid-losing it I passed and probably said something crazy like he was trying to punish me.  The next morning I got up...did some more laundry...and headed out for 10 miles just me, myself, and I.  I waged up hills and down them again until I had worked it all out and felt ready to be mom again.  We all need this...a time just to ourselves to take off whatever hat we are wearing and just be.  I'm not saying it was all doves and daisies after I got home (We still have a 2 year-old) but at least I had that time to unplug and I could do it again!

You do it for your phone when it is it for you!!


  1. I agree! I am feeling a bit like that in the fitness department as well...I just kept pushing and adding miles and races and all my time was taken up with running and at some point I got a bit burned out! I have been scaling back for a while now and am ready to slowly ramp up again, but man I needed that break!

  2. this lamott quote has become my life mantra.

  3. Yes! Sometimes I just need to escape it all for a little bit and then I feel tons better!