Thursday, September 24, 2015

TTT...#BRFWeek Style

Keeping with the theme of the week (in case you missed the other posts I am celebrating BRF Week with AMR!), this week's three things BRF related!!  I've been running with Jill for almost 7 years now so it was fun to go back over our crazy adventures together!

A BRF is game to celebrate....and always has just the right gear to do so!!
Over the years we have sported tutus of many colors, crazy hats and headbands, and even more wacky socks!  I love my texts from Jill before a race asking what I'm wearing!  Her dresser drawers are deep and she always seems to find just the right gear for the occasion!!

A BRF will step up to the plate, no matter how crazy the idea seems!
I don't know how many times I read something and thought, this is crazy I should ask Jill if she wants to do it!!  From planking for our dinner, to jumping the wharf...from a 200 mile relay, to running in stupid cold temps before the sun comes up...we certainly have our fair share of crazy memories!  They usually include one or both of us swearing, one or both of us saying how stupid this is, and most certainly tear inducing laughter!  I could try to sum up the adventures we have had together but it wouldn't do it justice.  All I know is they are memories I cherish!

A BRF knows the power of a finish line and celebrates your accomplishments like her own!
I absolutely love this picture from the New Bedford Half Marathon!!  Jill dragged my 6-month postpartum arse all over that city and then proceeded to drag it in a sprint over the finish!!  Jill is always quick to celebrate things that I've done or send me a quick, "You're ready and you're going to kick ass" text before a race!  I know she believes in me and is my cheerleader no matter what!

Bonus: A BRF is there for you through thick and and downs...injuries and heartbreaks...victories and defeats!
Jill and I have been by each other's sides physically and metaphorically through it all in our lives! Our friendship and runs together have helped me through some of the most challenging times in my life.  I cherish our friendship and the miles we have shared and will share together.  To end there is a quote by Dimity McDowell from the first Another Mother Runner book that I think sums up this point perfectly!
 "Running is conducive to frank, sometimes soul-baring conversations in the same way road trips are.  When you keep your eyes on the road, you can speak from your heart."


  1. You are terrific Nance. What a very special post. It's truly a journal of our runnjng "escapades". I was thinking about the New Bedford Half!! The Beverly Xmas one I was in SO much pain with my hip;( but you and Brian cheered me on to the finish. You're a special gal. Thanks for making a lot of paths with me and leaving our footprints:) Hugs!