Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Talking Training...A Week Away

A few weeks back I had posted about feeling tired and rundown and really just not feeling this whole running thing.  I was pushing through because I have some big races coming up but it was resulting in cruddy runs and even worse mental struggles.  So I did something that I never thought I could do just a few weeks away from race day....I took a week off.  No running...no lifting...nothing.  At first it was freeing...like I suddenly had nothing but time on my hands.  However, as the days ticked away...my mind began to question what was happening.  I mean who in their right mind takes a week off just a few weeks before running a half marathon unless they are injured.
Thoughts of not being able to complete ZOOMA Cape Cod crept into my mind but I stuck to it.  Even the week that followed I found I didn't run much.

This past week I was back at it and let me just say that the week off was exactly what I needed!!!  I nailed my shorter weekday runs.  I was admittedly nervous to head out on Sunday on my 10 miler expecting the same results I have had most of the summer, but it went awesome!!!  I paid less attention to pace and more to just getting in and enjoying the miles!  It went so well and I was happy with how my body felt after....sore but not awful.  While the week away was a mental struggle, it was clearly what my body needed!  Looking forward to another strong week and a great last long run before ZOOMA!!

Have you ever taken time off during a training cycle not because of injury?


  1. In May I took the last 2 weeks completely off from training before my first half. Let me tell you, it did HELP! I felt so much stronger on the day of my race and completed my first half in under 3 hours, which I did NOT think I would do. Good job listening to your body!

  2. Our bodies need rest, we can only push them so far:) I think you made the wisest decision, and obviously it is paying off! Great job for listening to your body!
    Hope you can keep on enjoying the miles!!!