Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Year in Racing: 2015

I've seen this survey going around the internet a few times and I decided to jump on the train and join in!  I didn't run as many races in 2015 as I have in the past so these may repeat a few times but it is always fun to look back at what the year brought me!

Most Scenic Course-Runner's World Trail Race- October Bethlehem, PA
2015 brought me many seaside miles especially with running Newport 10 Miler and Ragnar Cape Cod, but the Runner's World Trail Race certainly was the most scenic taking us deep into the woods over rock gardens and up and down steep climbs!  

Most Challenging Course-Ragnar Cape Cod-May Cape Cod, MA
3 hours of sleep over 24 hours...25 miles run on said 3 hours of sleep...yeah Ragnar can boast the most challenging!  One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the plethora of hills on Cape Cod...and particularly on MY legs!  This hilly course takes the cake for challenge...yes even behind the MOUNTAINS I climbed in PA!

Best Course Support (aid stations, volunteers, people cheering you on, etc)-TIE-Runner's World Half Marathon and Newport 10 Miler
Having just conquered 13.1 miles the day before, this hilly half marathon was a doozy but it was the crowd support and of course the company I was with that really made this a FABULOUS experience!  There were fun signs and people handing out all sorts of goodies along the route including Running Skirts who were giving out skirts!  This town certainly embraces all things running and this race is no exception!
The tie goes to Newport 10 Miler as well because really who can resist this absolutely adorable crowd support?!  My sister always surprises me just when I need that boost, with my girls and nieces along the route!  It always puts some extra fire under my ass and I just love seeing them!!

Best Expo-ZOOMA Cape Cod-September Falmouth, MA
Photo booths...mocktales by the water...and shopping with folks like Run Far Gear and Another Mother Runner....sign me up!  Plus I think I ate my weight in Luna Bars...thanks ladies!

Best Swag-Runner's World Half and Festival
Ok so I realize that the massive amount of swag that came with this weekend was not available to the average person running this race....but really the people at Runner's World and Altra took care of us!!!  I'm still going through swag!!  The actually race swag was great too....LOVE my ponytail hat especially now that winter is here!

Most Unique Medal-Ragnar Cape Cod-May-Cape Cod, MA
Each member of the team got a piece of the puzzle.  When we put them all together, they made this!  Very cool!  Plus there was place to attach your medal if you were crazy enough like my teammates to run Ragnar Adirondacks!

Best Post-Race Food/Beverages-ZOOMA Half Marathon-September Falmouth, MA
Beach...wine...massage...yeah I would say ZOOMA Cape Cod knows how to do post-race parties!  Being able to hang with friends while your ice bath is in the Atlantic is tops in my book!

Best Race Shirt

I've been an ambassador for Running on the Wall virtual races and I am LOVING their race shirts!!!  The fabric is so super soft and they fit awesome!  No more cotton tees with huge silk screens for me!!

Favorite Overall Race-This is a tough one....I'm going with a tie....Ragnar Cape Cod and Runner's World Half and Festival-May & October Cape Cod, MA & Bethlehem, PA
My experience with the Ragnar Cape Cod this year was so much fun!  We ran hard but we also had a lot of laughs and I met some awesome people on my team!  Certainly loving the team aspect of this race....and now doesn't like being goofy off of no sleep?!
I mean really you had to know that this one was going to get this!!  The Runner's World Half and Festival was an amazing experience and the actually racing was the same!  I could talk for hours about the people I met, experiences we had, and memories I made!  Definitely a highlight of running in 2015!

Race You Are Most Proud of Yourself for Completing-ME-Newport 10 Miler-June Newport, RI
Going into this race I had a goal of going sub 1:25.  I have run this race every year it has been around and this year I trained for a pr...and guess what!  I crushed it!!!  I was so proud of my finish time of 1:22 and finishing what I had started!!!
Emma-Harwich 5k-June Harwich, MA

Miss Em ran her first 5k in 2015 and I'm so proud of her!  It wasn't the easiest experience for her but she toughed it out and crossed that finish line with her friends, teachers, and family cheering her on!


  1. Congrats on a great 2015! I'm glad I just came across your blog and can't wait to see what you do in 2016!

  2. I missed seeing you at the races! Your recap reminds me of the fun times we've had!