Thursday, December 10, 2015

TTT...Holiday Workout Style

Remember when I posted that I would be back the next day to give tips on how to keep moving during this crazy season?  Well apparently life had other plans in the shape of a toddler that won't sleep and a babysitter that is sick!  Well here we are and it's Thursday so here are three ways to get up and get moving this season!!

Chunk it up!...No I'm not throwing insults here!  So often we look at a full calendar and think we don't have any time to get moving.  What we don't realize is that a workout does not need to be an hour or two long.  Just have 20 minutes?  Tabata some moves and get your heart pumping!  Hop on the treadmill or head outside and sprint up and down until your time is up!  Take a page from my book and take your lunch hour (or 25 min in my case) and run or walk!  It doesn't have to be a long training can get those in when it is January and there is not much else going on!  Even if you can just get 15 min here and there throughout the day, you're still moving!!

Gang up!...Need to see your friends and get in your workout?  Invite them along!  Nothing tastes better than a magarita after a long run with friends!  I love running with my friends and it is a great way to catch up and still get moving!  No babysitter and kids running the house?  Take them along with you (not for the magaritas)!  I have a double jogger that I like to take my girls in when I have a run or walk I want to do and they are with me.  Sometimes we all hop on our bikes and head out for a ride.  This time of year we even try to find our favorite neighborhood decorations!

O-Dark Thirty...I know this time of year is tough and busy and you're probably strapped for sleep anyways, but wake your hiney up even a half hour early and get your sweat on!  That way you have the rest of the day to enjoy your friends and family!  This took some practice for me but now I'm a 4am girl.  I get in m workouts (most days) before the girls are running around looking for our elf!  Try it for a'll thank yourself when you aren't staring down a workout tired at 8pm!

Above all have fun this time of year and remember to love the ones you're with!  Get moving for you...and your mental sanity!

How do you stay active during a busy season?

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