Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reset Your Year Right

As much as we aim to enter the new year feeling fit and fabulous, that time around the holidays tends to leave us with that meh feeling.  Whether it is one too many cocktails for an extra cookie here or there, I find myself ready on January 1st to tackle the next year feeling cleaner and leaner!  For the past few years I have joined in the 21 Day Reset Challenge with Laura Peifer and this year is no different!

I have known Laura for many years now through blogging and was so excited to meet her this past October at the Runner's World Half and Festival!
Laura is extremely knowledgeable in all things nutrition and exercise but what really stands out for me with Laura is her genuine desire to help people feel great.  She's so real and takes an interest in everyone she meets.  They aren't just a client or fellow blogger, they're her friends!  She's a mom of two beautiful little ladies and she gets what it's like to be busy but want to feel better and run better!

This year's reset has a special twist that I am really excited about.  This year Laura has called on the advice of US kettlebell competitor and trainer, Rick Martins for some added perks!  Check it out!

The reset will continue to contain all of the pieces we’ve loved in the past…

  • Meal plan templates and sample meal plans
  • Healthy, easy seasonal recipes with lots of crock pot ideas
  • Emails with tips and motivation
  • Group accountability through the private Facebook group

But this year the reset will have an extra focus for runners who want to get fitter and stronger in the cross season, including Rick’s tips for:

  • Nutrition tweaks to maximize your fitness and strength
  • How to incorporate the four phases of strength training into your running plan
  • Workouts to become a stronger runner
You can check out all the details on Laura's blog here

I don't know about you but starting the New Year getting fitter and stronger sounds like a good plan to me!!  Invest in your New Year by joining us!  You can even use the code blog to score yourself $10 off!!  Click here to register!

Who's resetting with me?


  1. I'm also a huge fan of Laura and I love how she freshened (and strengthened!) up the reset this year. Looking forward to both of your posts on it!!
    PS - Can we go back to that RW weekend please? xo

  2. I'll be joining you in this! I'm really excited to check it out - it's my first year and I'm excited that she's got the extra element for runners this year.