Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Preventing the Holiday Pounds

It's that time of year again!!!  The time when our offices are filled with treats and our calendars are filled with parties.  I knew this was a hard time of year to keep the pounds off but I was shocked to hear that the average American gains around 10lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years....WHAT?!  Well that is just not going to work one little bit around here!  I'd much rather be strutting into 2016 feeling great than hiding behind my big sweaters!  Here's four tips that I try to follow to keep my eating and thus pounds in check during this time of fun!

In addition to keeping our eating in check, be sure to get yourself moving!  Tomorrow's topic with the Holiday Sweat challenge is to show how we get moving during this busy time so stay tuned for some great tips on how to fit it all in!!!

How do you keep your eating in check and still have fun?


  1. By reminding myself repeatedly the holiday season can feel interminable :-) but it's really just a short bundle of days

  2. All the good things in the lounge at work are killing me right now and I know it will only get worse!