Thursday, January 21, 2016


It's been a while since I have dished some randomness your way so I'm excited to see that Thursday is here...which means the weekend is in sight!!

Winter Warrior...I am on day 21 of the Winter Warrior Challenge that I am participating in with Marathon Sports.

The challenge is to run/walk at least one mile each day in the month of January and log it on an app.  You can see how many miles everyone in the challenge is logging and try to compete against others. Two thoughts on some runners in this challenge....WHAT DO YOU DO ALL DAY???  Seriously the leader of the challenge has run 388 miles....and we still have 10 more days!!!  I was happy with my 80 but seriously rubbing elbows with 400 miles OUTSIDE...Yikes!!  My second thought is there are some kick ass runners in this group....Like I said I'm at 80+ and I'm in 450th place!  Way to go runners!!  So far January has been pretty mild and I almost felt weird saying I was a winter warrior...until this week.  Friggin freezing!!!  Wind chills have us dancing around zero and yesterday was a total battle to get me out the door!  The beginning of the month I was thinking that this was something I would continue even after the challenge was I'm not so sure!!

RUNCH update...Because of the challenge I've been spending most of my lunches out pounding the frozen pavement!  This always make for pretty funky hair days following but it also wakes me up when I'm usually dragging through the second half of my day.  I did see on Runner's World today a video that I should probably do.  They had exercises that you should do when you are heading out for a cold run to warm up your body...Check it out for yourself here!

Hair...I realized the other day that it has almost been a full year since I have had my hair cut or colored...yes I highlight the heck out of my dark Portuguese tresses...40 is looming far too close and the silver in my hair is showing it!  My first reaction was....I can't believe I have gone a full year without doing anything to my hair!...and then I looked in the mirror and thought....Oh boy I need to call my stylist stat (That is if she's still working there...or knows even who I am!)  I have a lot of hair and a hair appointment is a major investment in time which I don't have.  However considering this morning I wanted to wear a headwrap to school...I'm thinking I need to make that investment!


  1. This is the third post I have read about hair appointments gone astray! Too funny! How is it that men get theirs cut every 4 weeks and we never find the time?! I guess we are lucky to be able to grow it!

  2. I need to be getting in for a hair appointment as well, it is way overdue, but like you its the time thing. Just so many other things I would rather be doing, like running :)