Thursday, January 28, 2016


Holy cow how in the heck did we get to Thursday already???  Some weeks have a tendency to crawl along but this week is certainly flying by!!  Here's your weekly dose of randomness!

Fit-Fat-Fit....So everyone is talking about this show and I've seen so many different opinions that I thought I would share my own and see what you all think.
A&E has started a show, thought up by the original trainer who decided to gain weight and try to lose it again so that he could know what it was like to be overweight.  Trainers are paired up with people that (from what I've seen so far) are at least 100lbs overweight.  The trainers spend the first 4 months gaining weight...seriously they eat upwards of 7000 calories...and then the trainer and client work to lose the weight together.  Like with all weight loss shows I find the story lines compelling.  I find it so interesting to see how the trainers transform not physically but mentally throughout the 4 months. So far they have been falling into patterns of depression and feeling like failures.  It has been very emotional for them....just a snapshot of what their clients feel like for years.  The part that is clear to me from watching the two episodes though is that the trainers bodies are built to burn.  Both men struggled to put on the weight even though they were eating everything they could.  Losing for them brought them back into their zone.  However, I do think they were very invested in their client's journey.  I've liked them so far.  What about you?  What have been your thoughts on this?

Macros Smackros...I've been trying hard while doing this Runner's Reset to really work my way through hitting my macros each day...particularly my protein.  For whatever reason, I have an abnormally hard time wrapping my head around what to eat to make it fit into these even my husband has given up trying to explain it to me!  This week (granted it's only Thursday) I have hit my macros each day...BOOM!  I have been trying to bump up my snack to make it more protein rich (I have a snack mid-day because I eat breakfast at 6:30 and lunch at 1:30).  Last week I found these in my grocery store...
I use Kodiak Cakes for pancakes and love that they are protein packed...especially for the girls so I decided to try it out.  I've been mixing these and plain Greek yogurt....YUMMM and 25 grams of protein which is good for me for a quick snack!  What's a go-to protein packed snack for you?

Tech vs cotton...I am running the Hyannis Half Marathon next month and my only complaint about this race in the past is that they gave out the WORST know other than the fact that some years it's pouring rain...snowing...or mild take your pick!!!

I'm not being petty either...these shirts were awful!!  Cotton t-shirts with a massive silk screen that wouldn't soften no matter how many times you washed it!  Well this year I was psyched when I got an email saying they were going to be doing long-sleeved tech shirts!!!!!  Glory!!!  I'm excited to see how they are!  What about or cotton?  Me I like a good long-sleeved cotton but I really do like the tech!


  1. I don't know how I feel about the show. I've seen some blogs about it, but haven't watched it yet. I feel as if the idea behind the show is good, but I hate to see people playing around with weight loss and weight gain. It's stressful on the body and unnecessary to me. But I'm sure it makes for entertaining television.

  2. so i've been following drew manning (the creator of the show) for about 1.5 years now on instagram. (fit2fat2fit) Both him and his wife are legit and had a strong presence in what the show should be about, so i'm all for it.
    I like that it showcasts the cliche "the struggle is real" so others know that what they are experiencing is common and they can push through!!

  3. I don't know what a macro is...but way to go!! And I agree, this week has gone fast (even over here)!