Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Motivation

The other day I was having a conversation with my oldest.  It was after her skating lesson...the one where she let the instructor pull her around on the ice for an hour after we had talked the whole way there that this was going to be the lesson when she was going to skate on her own.  We talked all about courage and how proud she felt last lesson when she finally was able to skate on her own.  We talked about how hard she had worked and how she just kept trying her best.  We even prayed before we got out of the car for courage.  And then as soon as she stepped out on the ice...she grabbed her hands...and began to coast.  During our talk I encouraged her to stop quitting on herself before she could be as great as she stop fearing failure so much that she quits.  And all the while I was saying it, I couldn't help but think of myself...all those goals I have set for myself that are the same exact goals as last year because I never reached them.  All the times I have said, "This is the time" and fell just short of my goals or sabotaged my progress continually!  I need to stop quitting on me....I owe it to myself...and to my girls.
Don't quit on yourself before you can be great!!


  1. I love your phrasing here because I'm super internally motivated. Encouragement not to quit on myself which sparked me to keep going encouragement for me not to quit because of someone else or because of disappointing someone else would not. For good or for bad it's who I am.

  2. You are a most fabulous mama. Those are perfect words for your daughter. My daughter seems to have a big fear of failure too and perhaps even more than that my son does. He is so hard on himself. We had to have a big talk about how practice is how you learn and failure is part of learning to do something just yesterday after his shooting sports practice didn't go like he thought it should.