Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Faves!!

The past two weeks I have had a headache that stops me in my tracks.  It comes and goes which is helping me rule out the brain tumor I was thinking (yes I always overreact!) and it seems to coincide with work...hmmmmmm....coincidence I think not!  I'm sure it is stress related...blah blah blah...this is life so on we go!  It is however painful to look at a screen too long...ugh! I'm making this one short and sweet!  Add that to the fact that it is the day before February break....and Valentine's Day...and I work as an elementary school teacher...yeah craziness enough to last a lifetime!!  So here are a few things I'm loving lately!

BeFit...I'm working on a campaign through FitApproach with BeFit.  We were sent a fat burner, pre-workout, and protein as well as a workout plan and videos.
I haven't started the videos yet (Sunday) but I am loving the pre-workout the most of the three!  I have used a few pre-workouts in the past and have had really strong reactions to time I even went to the ER convinced I was going to come out of my skin!  However, I have tried this one a few times and I love it!!  It is just enough to help me really push myself during a workout but not so much that I feel like I'm going crazy!  Stay tuned because I'm going to be sharing some with the class!!

Saucony Mittens...Tomorrow I have my long run scheduled.  I have been a little too loose for my liking during this training round and considering my race is in 3 weeks I need to get focused!  The hiccup is that the weather is supposed to be BELOW ZERO!!!  Yes my friends there is a weather warning but I'll be out there!!!  I'm thankful I have my Saucony mittens to save the day!

I used to just wear gloves and always found that my fingers were like individually wrapped Popsicles by the end of my run.  These mittens are awesome and keep my fingers nice and toasty!!  Now to find a solution for the rest of my body!

Olympic trials...I am so excited for the marathon trials tomorrow!!!
I always love the Olympics and get wicked excited every time they roll around!  Since many of my students are from Brazil, we are going to be doing a HUGE project later in the year all about the Olympics!!  I'm psyched!  I have loved watching all the promos for the women's marathon!  It just gives me chills!!!  I can't wait to see how the race pans out!!  I am so sad to hear about Deena Kastor having to pull out of the trials due to injury!  I'm sure it is always a hard decision...heartbreaking!

What are you loving these days??  Any good cures for a headache?  I'm not a huge fan of pills.

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  1. Oh my gosh I get them too and secretly think I have a brain tumor, haha! but I think it is all stress related for sure! hang in there! one day at a time & clearing my head seems to help.