Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WIAW...Runner's Reset Style

So I am almost 2 weeks into the Runner's Reset with Laura and I can honestly say I am learning so much about food as fuel and how my body reacts to it.
The biggest difference this time around for me is that Laura has not told us to restrict any foods...however I have decided to limit my carbs (meaning white flour fun) and sugar.  Now mind you I did have a birthday last week and I did have cake....twice!  The big thing after that was recognizing how I felt after.  No not the guilty I need to go run this off (although admittedly that was the first thought) but the sluggish and bloated feeling.  It was important for me to look for those signs as ones that are telling my body that this type of food while being delish is probably not something I should be putting in my body and expecting it to perform well.

So enters the question...what do you eat?  I have been trying to hit my macros for so long now but with this reset I have really been focusing on whole foods that help me get in enough protein and veggies along with healthy fats and healthy carbs.  Some examples of my favorite meals have been...
Breakfast: Ezekial toast with mashed avocado, Franks, and two eggs....seriously could eat this EVERY meal!

Lunch: I've been making a huge pot of chicken noodle soup minus the noodles and double the chicken...I added in kidney beans and garbanzo beans too...yum!  This helps too because when it is time to grab something to pack for lunch, I've already portioned it out and it's fast and easy!

Snacks this week has been roasted chicken and clementines.  Dinners have been a variety of things depending on what we have on hand.  I definitely think that dinner is the meal I need to pay more attention to going forward....and having a plan for when I get home from work and I want to eat my way through our cabinets!

I am again so happy I'm doing this reset!  I will talk later this week about how this reset is challenging my running and training.  It really is making me rethink things and challenging some pretty deep-seeded thoughts!

What's your go to protein packed healthy dinner?


  1. Your soup sounds so good! My hubby is so not a chicken fan so we rarely eat yard bird, as my hubby calls it. I do make a lot of hamburger soup with lots of veggies. My kids love it. not surprisingly we eat a lot of beef, but for us its the cheapest protein and so nice when you know where it's coming from :)

    1. Absolutely and it must taste so amazing!!! My parents bought a cow from a local farm and the beef was so much better tasting!!

  2. I love hearing all that you're learning and connecting to your body and how it feels- yay!!