Friday, April 29, 2016

5+ for Friday

I thought that since I completely missed yesterday's post I may as well extend the fun to today and add in a few more randoms!  Plus it's Friday so let's start the happy dance!

Standardized Testing...Yes I'm a teacher...yes I love my job...yes I can't stand standardized testing!  I fully inderstand and support the concept of testing students to make sure that they are making benchmarks and that all students across the country are getting equitable education (don't get me started I may just get my soapbox out) but these tests are KILLING me!  We have started this week with practice tests and then I will be administering them ALL MONTH LONG!!!  4 weeks of this lady sitting is not pretty!  I'm predicting a lot of runches in May!

Overthinking...As hard as I try, probably as a result of me being a teacher, I overthink EVERYTHING with our children developmental milestones.  I remember when our youngest was just starting to talk.  She started trying to say things and then all of a sudden....wouldn't say a word.  I fretted for about 2 weeks that she was delayed.  Then one day she just started talking...and honestly hasn't stopped since!  This week is has been our youngest....I've fretted about her speech and whether or not she was forming her sounds right.  My background in linguistics has me showing her where to make certain a 3 year-old!  I finally asked out speech therapist at school and she kindly told me to have a glass of wine!  Am I the only one here?  Do you find yourself fretting even when you know it's ridiculous?

Newport 10 Miler...Training is going well for the 10 miler coming up in June.  I have been getting in about 3 runs a week and then my long run on the weekend.  I'm trying to be smart and increase my mileage slowly so that I am staying away from any injuries.  My back has been acting funky lately and I'm certain no one has time for any back injuries around here!!  I know I need to work in more hills to get ready for this race.  The first chunk is pretty flat but the end is riddled with hills!  I'm not sure what my goals are just yet for this race but I know I want to be able to charge up those bad boys with strength!  Are you a fan of hills?

Your Worst...The fabulous and fierce Allie from VitaTrain4Life posted this "What was your worst race day ever?"  Some of the posts people did had to do with weather or the course, while others posted about how they bonked or was sick.  I thought about when I ran a Nor'easter (yes they almost cancelled the race) a plastic suit!  While it was the most amazing experience, it was also everything that could go wrong weather wise.  I was also a newer runner and had zero clue what to do!  I had a friend be in charge of my fuel and then that said friend was keeping a pace that hurt my body so I ran ahead and left my fuel behind.  We had said we would use walkie talkies to communicate but I got too far ahead of them and lost contact.  No fuel...plastic suit...and a world of hurt waiting for me at the top of Heartbreak Hill.  Yeah that finish line was earned!!!  The time I ran the Gloucester 25k with my brf Jill came a close second...if not won the title.  The only redeeming part of that race was that I got to run with Jill!  What was your worst?

Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting...I figured I would give you an update on this round of Carb Cycling with Amanda!  Almost one week down and I'm already feeling the benefits of this program!! Round 1 I learned so much but I didn't realize how much I really needed the support and accountability of the group.  You can rationalize any decision but I was already starting to fall into old habits and really feeling cruddy!  This time around we are shortening feeding window and using a 7 day plan as opposed to 5.  So far so good...I'm a little nervous for my long run tomorrow to see how I am going to feel but I'm trusting the plan...and then I'll enjoy all the carbs of Feast Day!!

Podcast Fun...I love me a good podcast but lately I have had the AMR and the No Meat Athlete podcasts.  However I heard a fun fact that Runner's World is launching a new podcast series for all of you!!  Here's the skinny on the new podcast....

Each episode will be approximately 30 minutes and will feature conversations with some of the most interesting and newsworthy people in the running world; originally reported pieces on running culture; expert tips on training, nutrition, injury-prevention, and gear; a buzzy roundup of the week's news; and other segments that bring print and online stories to life for a listening audience.
“The show will take listeners behind the scenes at RW HQ and delve into the things runners talk about with their friends when they're out running—and we want it feel that way, too. Fun, smart, worth your time,” said Willey.
Special guests of the first episode of “The Runner’s World Show” include Ryan and Sara Hall, two of America’s premier distance runners. Ryan, the fastest American marathoner ever, surprised everyone by retiring from competitive running this past January. His wife, Sara, is still competing and hoping to make the 2016 Olympic team on the track. The couple adopted four sisters from Ethiopia in the fall. Episode two, timed to the Boston Marathon, will include an interview with Roberta Gibb and Amby Burfoot. Gibb was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon and is one of the notable runners profiled in Amby Burfoot’s new book, First Ladies of Running (Rodale Books, April 2016). This year’s Boston Marathon marks the 50th anniversary of Gibb’s historic run. Future episodes of “The Runner’s World Show” will feature Deena Kastor, Paula Radcliffe, and Dave McGillivray, among others. 
Runner’s World will also launch a second podcast, “Human Race," which brings the magazine to life with original long-form storytelling. Hosted by RW Contributor Rachel Swaby, each episode will feature a single story. The podcast will launch later this spring.

I can't wait to check it out!!


  1. I will have to check out the new podcasts as well. They get me through a lot of runs!

  2. I miss seeing you in Newport :( or anywhere, actually :)

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