Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Motivation

Adding miles back to my weeks and long runs has been hard lately.  Mentally I find it hard to motivate myself to lace up and go out there for the time it takes.  It has been hard...physically and mentally, but I have done it.  Each Saturday I have added gradually to my miles getting ready to run Newport in June.  I have made it a slow increase and it will continue to be that way but I am doing it...doing what needs to get done so that I am ready for race day.  Discipline has been something I have learned since I was young as a child and then college athlete.  It isn't always the thing I want to do but it is what needs to get done.  In the end, it is always worth it!!!  Flex your discipline this will thank yourself later!


  1. ahhhhh this :)
    is it wrong we had THIS talk yesterday during homework time?

  2. You're so right!!! It is always worth it! You're doing great, Nancy!

  3. So true... I find springtime the hardest to get out there! Can't wait for the warmer weather in New England!

  4. Way to push through and enjoy the miles ;)