Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Motivation

This weekend I was out running my long run and listening to the AMR podcast about finding your finish line.  It was talking with ladies who were part of the Hyland's group who were to be running Boston.  There was one part in the podcast when they were talking about the finish line at Boston and before I knew it I found myself running along with tears streaming down my face...there is no other place like the finish line at Boston.  I can remember it so vividly...turning the corner and seeing it there in front of me....walls of people on either side.  My body was tired and sore but I was a runner.  Today thousands of runners will take that same turn and see that same finish line....months or years of training will flash before their eyes...they made it!  Best of luck to you all out there...not just running Boston but finding your own finish lines...your own dreams come true!