Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WIAW....After the Long Run

Most days I fly through the door after the gym, hitting the ground running prepping lunches, breakfasts, and guzzling down a cup of coffee.  Within an hour's time, I need to have everyone fed, clothes laid out, lunches packed, and my sweaty self in the shower in order to be ready to leave the house on time.  Seriously I need this shirt from Another Mother Runner!!!
However, Saturday's are my long run day and while I still am up and out the door early, I have more time when I get home to refuel.  I'm able to think a little bit more about making sure I have a good, protein packed snack to both feed my muscles that were out climbing the hills around my neighborhood and keep the eating monster at bay!  I know that everyone is different but I crave salty and sweet wicked bad after a long run, so I try to have snacks that will satisfy both and thus keeping me from eating everything in the cabinets!  Here are four of my go-to snacks after heading back in the door from a long run.

Cottage Cheese with Almonds (nice and salty ones)
I get a protein punch from both the nuts and the cottage cheese while also satisfying that salty/sweet craving.  Drizzle some honey or sprinkle in some cranberries or other berries for some added sweetness!

Green Monster Smoothie...This is one of my favorites!

I throw a frozen banana, protein powder, coconut milk, a little almond butter, and a couple of handfuls of baby spinach!  Blend up and enjoy!  Yes it looks very daunting at first but it tastes delicious!  I like to play with the ingredients too depending on what flavor powder I use!  I love these too because I can walk around the house and get things done while sipping...although it tends to get stolen by little hands!

Brown Rice Cakes with almond butter and banana!
This is another awesome salty/sweet combo for after a long run!  I love these brown rice cakes and they're even better loaded up with almond or peanut butter and sliced bananas on top!  In the summer I love crushing sweet raspberries on it too so it is like a pb&j!!!

Bar....If I am pressed for time when I get home, like if we have lessons or a game to leave for, I love to grab a bar as I'm walking toward the shower.  It depends what we have on hand but I love Quest Bars and Lara Bars.  I keep saying that I really need to make my own....a lot like the recipes found on  They have a fabulous page with suggestions for high-protein snacks along with some great recipes that I really need to try out like their no bake granola bars....yum!!  They have even more recipes and suggestions on their healthy snacks page.  Looks like I'm going to need to get into the kitchen and kick up my snack game!!

What is your go-to snack after a hard workout?  Do you make your own bars?


  1. I can comment from my iPad!! Rice cakes=awesomeness! PS: you're amazing! 😍