Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Marathon Monday Tradition

It's hard to believe that another Marathon Monday is behind us...even though I'm sure there are many runners out there that are nursing sore legs who can believe it!  Going to the marathon with our girls is a tradition that we look forward to every year!  We go to our same spot year after year in Framingham, just ahead of mile 7.  My husband's grandmother lives just a few miles from the route and we can use it as a time to see the race and her!!  Since it is so early on the race route, we need to get there early before the road closes.  We set up camp and proceeded to try and entertain the ladies with games and snacks.

After a little time in the sun the helicopters went overhead (the security has increased by so much since the bombings....helicopters overhead, undercover police as well as military and police all over, as well as an SUV full of swat members before each elite wave) and then the wheelchair division was flying down the street!  We had fun cheering for everyone....always something that makes me tear up!  The natives began to get restless and so off they went to Mimi's house while I watched for my friends to pass!

Then the rest of the elites...

Many hours and some brutal tan lines later, I had a blast watching everyone make their way to Boston.  The race is never short of funny outfits and amazingly inspiring stories!

Random guy in a bikini!
My friend Mary!!
Do you do Marathon Monday?  What do you like best about watching a race?

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