Friday, August 26, 2016

Dear Preschool...

Monday morning our baby girl is going to start Preschool....

The thought immediately brings tears to my eyes.  This one just went far faster than her sister.  I honestly feel like I turned around and she was a big girl.  She's tried on her uniform...has all her supplies ready...and her backpack and lunchbox is proudly on display for all to see.  I know she is nervous because there are times as we are driving in the car that her little voice (that's a giveaway that she's scared since she seldom has a little voice) rings through saying..."Maybe I don't have to go to school Mom", or "What if I don't have anyone to play with?", or "I can just stay a baby Mom."  If I could write a letter to her teacher about what my heart is feeling, here is what I would say...

Dear Mrs. S,
   Today we hand over to you a piece of our heart....our baby girl.  I have prayed for you...for her...for your classroom...for the other students...for this school year all summer long.  Please love firm but her for who she is and gently push her to be her best.  She has a light within her that burns so bright.  Please don't put that out...but instead help us to show her how to shine it so that it lights up the world.  She loves hard...lives fully...and plays with all she has.  She has practiced your name since the day we decided to come to your school and has proudly told everyone from the mailman to the grocery clerk that she is going to school.  She so badly wants to be a big girl but is scared at the same time.  Please see that...that fear and help us to walk her through that.  Please see that fear in her father and I and help us walk through it too!  One of the scariest and most exciting things we will do this morning is watch our baby walk through your door.  We pray that she grows in just her way and above all else that she feels loved.  Thank you for understanding as I'm sure I will be without many words as I struggle to keep the tears at bay until I can get into my car!  I can't wait to hear all her stories...she is so excited for this day to be here!

Much love,
Mrs. Fancy Nancy


  1. Oh how sweet! Hugs to you mama as you step into this next chapter with your baby.

  2. Ohhhh....Hellooooo:) SURPRISE!!
    LOVE LOVE the pic and the letter:)

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