Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Motivation

The Olympics are not without daily motivational stories from athletes all over the world...triathletes battling cancer...two runners encouraging others ahead of themselves...escaping a war torn country...the stories go on and on.  Of course the one I am talking about today came on the last day of the games...with the fabulous Meb!!  I think Meb realized early on that this just wasn't his day...but he didn't give up!  He gave all that he had and the display of who he is came out not only in never giving up but when he slipped just inches from the finish line...

Personally after running that fast for 26.2 miles, I would probably need someone to drag me across the finish line but not Meb!  He got up and even did a few push-ups to add to it before he crossed the finish!   I mean really Meb!

It has been no secret on here that I have been struggling this summer...struggling to get my groove back.  It is a stumble for sure but it is NOT the end of my journey!!  I will not stay down....and I may even do a few push-ups on my way up!! Don't let your stumbles keep you from where you are going!!!


  1. and he still ran a 2:16 marathon even with puking and dry heaving 7 times in the last half. So inspiring!

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