Thursday, August 11, 2016


It seems as though it has been a thousand years since I have consistently posted on here.  Clearly I am in a writing funk combined with lots of chickie summer time.  I'm working on a lot of posts in my head but for today, since I am being interrupted every 5 seconds by toddler tantrums, randomness will have to win out.

Olympic Love....I think it is safe to say we are in full Olympics mode in the Fancy Nancy house!

Seriously I love the Olympics and am always psyched to watch the events!  I always find myself getting all chocked up watching all the events!  My friend came over with margaritas so we could watch the opening ceremonies together and we've been texting every morning about the medals the night before!!  So fun!  Are you an Olympic fan?

Vision Evolved...I was so excited to be part of a campaign with Nike Vision to try out their new running sunglasses the Tailwind.

Not only are they pretty fabulous looking but they are super light and comfortable!  Normally when I wear sunglasses running, they fog up from the heat from my face or I get annoyed with them bouncing all around.  These did neither.  I honestly didn't even realize they were on my face...except the fact that I wasn't squinting!!  Check them out for yourself!

Running Buddies...Last week I put on my professor hat and taught at my alma mater in the North Shore.  I do this every August and while I am sad to leave my family behind (they actually were able to come visit me and spend the night at a water park!) I am always excited to catch up with friends in the area!!!  First order of business was to get in lots of miles with my BRF Jill!!!

On Wednesday we joined up with the fabulous Dani of Weight Off My Shoulders for a 5k with the Slumbrew folks.  It was a great run around Somerville and playing I Spy with Dani's Instagram photos!!  As always it was great to see Dani and catch up on her running adventures!  She's running her first ultra this weekend so head on over and remind her that she's a rockstar!!

How is your week going?  Any fun plans for the weekend??

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  1. I love the Olympics too! The staying up late everynight to watch them is kicking my butt though! and I still cant make it till the end.
    Love the sunglasses, those look really sweet, I need a no fog pair for winter!