Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Let's Talk Training...Fighting the Funk

I was out on a run the other morning and drafting this post in my head.  I think that it is safe to say this summer has been a struggle for me in regards to my mental and physical game.  Yes I have been doing a lot of sweating and logging a respectful amount of miles, but my head and my heart are no where to be found and it is showing.

My weight has been creeping up ever since I broke my toe in June and it has been SO HARD coming back mentally after 4 weeks side-lined.  I find myself cutting runs short...talking myself out of walking...negotiating to get more sleep.  If this was happening and my weight wasn't at the level it is, I would say perhaps I need a break since this sounds a lot like overtraining....but I had 4 WEEKS OFF!!!  I am not in the place to just stop training!

I did the Shred Bootcamp with Amanda Tress...loved it as always...but my weight did not budge!  I did lose inches but not enough to make up the difference.  I am clearly at a place where I am needing to get serious about a few goals and get to reaching them!

Otherwise the summer has been awesome!!!  I have cherished my time with these little ladies...

and get chocked up just thinking about the summer coming to an end!  If I could just go ahead and freeze time with them I'd be golden!

So goal time....My main goal is to get back to a weight that I feel comfortable at.  Now I don't even tell my husband how much I weigh so I am not putting it here!  My goal is to lose 15lbs by October 10th.  I will check in each week to let you know/keep myself accountable.

My second goal is to bump up my mileage with 25-30 miles working my way back to double digit long runs.

Finally I made some great gains in strength thanks to Amanda's programs so I want to keep 3 days a week of weight training.

There it is....bouncing back after a summer that physically was not super (otherwise it was AWESOME!).  How do you get your groove back after you find yourself in a funk?


  1. ahhh the funk.
    right now.
    which is not my norm either!
    Im just PUSHHHHHHING through.

  2. I was feeling this way at the beginning of summer! You have a great plan, so I don't think you have anything to worry about!