Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's a familiar feeling!

This week and last I have made a huge effort no matter what the time to get to the gym and run and do weights. The key here is no matter what time. For example, last night I went down to the basement to run at 9pm....way past my bedtime when I am usually up at 4am! But boy do I love this feeling. Now if I can just keep this up for a week more I know it will stick!!!

An update on the skinny jeans challenge: I can button the jeans!!! I still would never be caught dead in them in public but progress is progress! The end is in 4 weeks at the end of November. I finally came to the conclusion between trying on the jeans and watching Biggest Loser (GO RUDY!!!). I finally asked myself...WHAT AM I WAITING FOR??? I know that my weight loss is a series of choices...choosing to stay away from crappy food...choosing to spend time on Sunday prepping everything...choosing to run and workout. This weight is doing nothing but bringing me down in so many ways and now is the time. I need to choose to do this for myself! I know I can do it! Now if I could just scoop up Jillian and have her live with me I would be even better!

Now it's thankful time!
1. Emma is just so lovey lately and I can't get enough of it! She gives me a hug when I pick her up at daycare and when she wakes up in the morning. We just look at each other and laugh all the time! She really is such a content little girl and I am just having a blast with her!

2. I'm so thankful for these endorphins! I missed them so much!!!!

3. The Eat-Clean magazine my sister gave me. I made an AWESOME Sloppy Joe recipe tonight for dinner. Sloppy Joes are my all time favorite and these were really great and only 190 calories with cheese! Yum-o!

4. I'm thankful my school has a health clinic inside it....this way all the students can get flu shots. Working in an inner-city school this is a God send! I was also able to get my flu shot from them too saving me lots of time!

5. I'm thankful all the Halloween candy is GONE!!! That friggin stuff haunted me in my sleep!!!

Have a great night!!


  1. wow!!! i love breaking out of the mold sometimes. running at 9pm and you get up at 4am?!?! you relaly get up at 4???? holy macaroni. that's early. 7 am feels really early to me if i don't get to bed by 10:30!!!!

    great job with your workouts. weights, too! i am trying to lose 5-10 lbs and find writing down my food really keeps me on track. it's annoyinig to stay within a limit, but i guess that is just what i need to do!

  2. I wish my Halloween candy was gone. And I too love the hugs from my kiddos..

  3. I just got back in my skinny jeans too! I'm constantly giving myself little food and exercise challenges, to keep the weight from coming back!