Sunday, November 1, 2009

Marathons make me antsy!

It was so exciting to watch today's NYC marathon! What was even better was that Emma was actually watching it with me!!! I was explaining to her who everyone was and what they were doing. Who knows maybe one day she'll be the next Paula Radcliffe....ok maybe not but you never know! I couldn't help but begin to feel antsy while watching it wanting to get back out there and do another marathon! Don't worry Mom...I'm not going to any time soon! My life it crazy enough so I am going to stick to halfs, but it was nice to remember how strong my body felt training and how amazing it felt to cross that finish line at Copley Square!!! I get chocked up just thinking about it!

It really made me all but forget the CRUDDY run I had on Saturday(and cruddy is the nice first grade word)! It really set the tone for my whole day. My knee was hurting and my quad was wicked tight. I had to cut it short by 3 miles. I was thankful for getting to run on such a warm October day but I wanted to get much further! The day was all but a wash until I put Emma in her bumble bee costume and I couldn't help but burst out laughing! She was so cute!!! Well another week starts...I have to try on my skinny jeans tomorrow for the half-way point. Yikes!!!

Oh and I can not forget my good friend Carrie...she finished her first half-marathon today!!!! I couldn't be more proud of her!!!!!

Here are some things I am thankful for this weekend:
1. Being able to watch the USA win the NYC marathon with my daughter! It was so exciting!

2. My hubby who woke up early with Emma who forgot we gained an hour sleep!

3. My Mom....seriously I wish my family was much closer but she is always willing to talk with me on the phone whenever! Really cures my lonely days!

4. My Dad's tube in and hooked up! My father has Chrone's Disease and he has been getting his nutrition from TPN and it had come out. He was down to 100lbs. but now he has it back in and is on the rise!

5. My brother-in-laws....they came over on Halloween night just to see Emma. They are both single guys with stuff to do and people to see but they just love her and wouldn't think twice when it came to seeing her!

I hope you all enjoy your extra hour of sleep!

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  1. That is so neat that your daughter watched with you. My boys played Star Wars LOUDLY in the background.. Go USA!