Monday, November 23, 2009

Let the Challenge Begin!

The Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge begins today over at Runtothefinish.
I am so excited for this challenge because it also is running right along with a challenge my gym is having through the holiday. The Bootie Buster gets me to get moving while the other challenge makes me accountable for my eating. It's gotta work!!! I try on my skinny jeans for the last time on Saturday....can't make any promises. I lost 3 lbs but after a c-section, things just don't tighten the way you would think they should! I have been looking too for a good on demand yoga or pilates ab workout. I have fios....any suggestions?

This weekend was a blur since I had to take Emma to the ER with a high temp on Saturday night while I was visiting my family. I think I have gotten about 2 hours of sleep since! She was diagnosed with bronchitis but all she wants to do is drape herself all over me! Normally I would love this but I am so tired. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will make it through the night!

1. I am so thankful for my family! My Mom woke up at midnight to go to the ER with me while my Dad stayed home and prayed for Emma! They are so great! Plus my sister has been checking in on me to make sure I stay sane! They are just so supportive and I was so happy to be home!

2. Long runs with a partner! I ran on Saturday with my friend Jill. Boy I missed running with her! We had so much to catch up on that 2 hours flew by! I loved it and logged 13 miles!

3. My hubby...he drove down from Boston in the middle of the night Saturday just to make sure his baby girl was ok!

4. Personal days...I am so thankful for a job that will still give me a day's pay even though I am home with my daughter. I don't even have to worry about it like I know so many do!

5. Challenges....they keep me focused and fuel my competitiveness!

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  1. That is great you were able to do a 13 mile run with a friend, how fun. I hope your baby is doing okay!

    Have you tried Windsor Pilates for your abs? It's killer. After 3 years, I'm wondering if my baby belly is here to stay, even though the weight is gone, I think things have been re-distributed somehow!