Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Veggie Tales for IBS

I am just loving this HBBC! I have to thank you again Amanda for having this! All day long I am thinking of how I can get moving and rack up the points! It will be a challenge tomorrow and Thursday since I am headed to the Cape to visit my in laws. Hopefully I can steal away for some running time!

My challenge, other than the stretching, has been to get in enough veggies. A few years ago I would have a huge salad every day for lunch. I would pile a ton of veggies on it and have my 7 veggies all in one sitting. What I couldn't figure out was why I looked about 6 months pregnant afterwards. Also I began to have stomach pains that were increasingly worse. Since my father has Chrone's Disease, my doctor sent me right in for tests and diagnosed me with IBS. I have found it difficult now to get in enough veggies since I can no longer have that huge salad. I have tried to have it again but the symptoms just get worse and worse. As much as I love salads, they just don't love me back. Any suggestions?????

1. Being able to dance around my living room with my daughter....does it get any better than this?! I don't think so!

2. Passed down recipes...I made two pecan pies tonight with my Mom's crust recipe. I miss her so much when I don't get to see her!

3. Half days...the kids get out at 10:45!!! Yipee!!!!

4. Thanksgiving weekend...No work means lots of time home with Emma and running!!

5. My family...It makes me cry every time I think about not being with them on Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for them and for their constant and unconditional support!!!



  1. well you are super welcome!! Hmm IBS does throw a kink in things...but I bet there are some great resources out there that could give you some ideas on how to dole out the veggies.

    I wonder if smoothies would be ok because you won't have to process the food so much? If so this is how I sneak in tons of veggies...yes it's green but they taste great:
    1 banana (riper is better)
    1 cup vanilla almond milk
    a little water as needed to make it thinner
    2 cups spinach
    a few slices cucumber
    once you get more creative you can toss in more veggies

  2. Hey HBBC partner! Looks like you are doing great! I have a hard time with the fruits and veggies...no excused other than it is time consuming.
    I'll be checking in on you again!!!! :)