Monday, August 1, 2011

Mommy MIA

Well this week I am putting my professor hat on and teaching a college course at the school where I got my undergrad.  This is always an awesome opportunity and really is a time that I end up liking once I am there.  They have really worked around us moving and made me able to continue teaching the course.  Fast forward to this week.....I am here on the North Shore of Massachusetts while my hubby is on Cape Cod and my dear Em is in RI.....I HATE IT!!!  This will be the longest I have ever been away from Em and I am really not looking forward to it!  My friends here have been awesome and let me crash with them while also planning lots of fun activities and running in order to distract me from my missing link!

Here is a questions for all you parents.....I'll make it right?....and she won't hate me when I get home?

I really am hoping so!!!  Have a great Monday and I can't believe it is already August.....that's another whole post though!  One quick pat on the back from last week for me.....46 miles done!!!  Highest week in a long time!!!


  1. Really, it's good for everyone! She will miss you, yes, but she'll also enjoy it. You should too--cut yourself some slack and kick back a bit.
    : )

  2. Ditto what MZ said above! It's hard but it is good in the long run for everyone involved.
    Woot for 46. That kind of number is only in my dreams!

  3. Agreed! It will be good for everyone! A week is nothing in the scope of things and you all will have fun! Good luck with your class and awesome job on the 46 miles!!

  4. She will love you all the more when you get back to her!

    46 mile week!! WOW!!

  5. I agree with the other ladies - this week will be good for everyone! 46 in a week - WTG!!!

    Enjoy your week!

  6. MZ and the ladies nailed it! Have fun ... you'll all be fine!

    Kudos on the 46! Great job!

    Winks & Smiles,