Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WTF.....Wow These Flies!!

Ha!  Got your attention huh?  Thank you all so much for your support!!!  I called Em last night and we almost both ended up crying but I am staying busy and I know she'll have fun with her cousins.  At least that's what I'm telling myself!!

One way to distract me....rather have fun with me....my friend Carrie took me to a rail trail near her house in NH to go for a run.  I'm so thankful I have active friends that keep me on track with my mileage when really I wanted to go home from a full day of class and plop myself on the couch with a glass of wine!  Although the Cape has a lot of running/biking paths, I'm always convinced that someone is waiting in the woods ready to attack so I don't often run them.  Too many horror movies!!  Yesterday I figured I was safe since Carrie would be looking for me along the trail!  I really enjoyed the change of scenery!!  Beautiful trees, lots of shade, lakes, and animals.....oh yes and flat which is always an added bonus!  The downfall.....FLIES!!!  We're talking the kind that swarm you if you stop even for one second!!!  I'm pretty sure people thought I had a mental issue since I keep yelling, "Get away from me jerk!" and a few other choice words!  In the end it was good to get the miles in and my sweat on!  Today we are headed back....considering a suit similar to a bee keeper's to wear to keep the flies away!


  1. haha! sounds like an awesome trail despite the flies...good luck fighting those little annoying things today!

  2. i wish we had one of those rail trails near me. we only got lots and lots of sidewalk. lol! oh , and we got the flies too. hate them.

    btw, you could totally do a tri!!!

  3. ugh- yuck! There is a trail around here that gets flies like that. I have to make sure my mouth is closed ;)

  4. I feel the same way about the man in the bushes....and yes, it's because I watch too many movies as well! Haha!! Flies definitely bug. I had one swarming around my head this morning while sleeping. That so bugs me!! I also got attacked by mosquitos last night on my bike ride. Horrible!!

    Have a great day!