Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Well the sun is finally out and what better to do on a rest day but hang with Em at the beach!!!  It was seriously a gift and let me just say so is her nap time!  I'm just saying!

1.  A huge hug of thanks goes out to all of you and your support of yesterday's post!  Thank you for your prayers!!  It's hard to go back to blogging about the little things of life but to know your prayers are there is amazing!

2.  Protein Pudding.....ok so the hubby brought home something called protein pudding last night.  He was going on and on about it and how it was so great because it had so much protein and no sugar.  He pitched it as a dessert of chocolate pudding with the added bonus of it being packed full of protein.  If you remember back a few posts ago, I'm trying to follow his lead and focus more on my protein.  However, after Lisa's direction I am not going all the way to 140 grams each day!  So today I was watching a little "Dear John" (ummmm tearjerker plus Channing Tatum yes please!) and decided I wanted some chocolate.  Well I broke out the protein pudding......and you're in luck honey because that stuff is ALL YOURS!  I chocked down half the container before I let myself off the protein is worth that torture!  Ok I'm being dramatic but I think it's safe to say that the hubby's pudding is safe from me!

3.  I took some fun pics at the beach today.  Looking over them it struck me just how much Em has grown up this are a few....this girl's got a lot of personality!!!  Love her!!!

Seriously....look at that smirk!


  1. She's so adorable. I love the smirk. Toddlers have the best expressions!

  2. Haha glad you're scaling back on the protein so its not overboard. Was the pudding bad tasting?!?! At least thats what i gathered from the way you were describing it.

    As always, cute pics

  3. protein pudding sounds gross. and maybe a little dirty. lol! (sorry i couldn't resist.) seriously, just eat some eggs.

    you gals are freakin' adorable!!!

  4. Those are some cute pics! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very cute photos. I love the beach, so sad that summer is slowly creeping away.

  6. Beautiful photos! Wave to Sampson's Island for me! I miss it there. :)

  7. ADORABLE!!! love it..

    I dont like Protein anything..BLECH!! I get asked to test things alot..I usually say no thanks.

    HUGS!! I read often but cant comment from work..UGH!

  8. Beautifully captured photos! I truly love your smiles.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy