Wednesday, August 10, 2011

World-View Wednesday

I've been going back and forth the past few days about whether or not to blog about this particular topic but it is part of me and I figured I would just share that.  Please know that I am not forcing you to think one way or the other....just allow me this soap box for the moment.

Normally I spend my blog time musing about miles to run or rest days to to potty train (which still boggles my mind) and what to eat.  Lately there has been something weighing on my heart that physically turns my stomach and I am left searching for the message God is sending me.....the path which He is asking me to take. 

I have considered myself a pretty well traveled person.  Because of many sacrifices made by my parents, I have had the opportunities to visit many different countries as well as spend a semester abroad.  Many of my good friends traded their spring breaks or summer vacations during college on missions trips all over the world.  One place that has always and still weighs heavy on my heart is Africa.  6 years ago I was given the blessing of being able to work with children that were part of the Bantu tribe in Somalia.  They were ages 5-11 and were refugees due to the killings going on in their home country.  Their tales of amazing survival through war, travel from Somalia to Kenya walking days to seek safety, and joy to be with family just captivated me and captured my heart.  As their teacher I was able to help them through their struggles here in America, teach them how to read and write and speak in a whole new language, help them become part of a school culture so different from their own, and celebrate their small victories along the way.  Added to the class through the years were more refugees from Sudan, Burundi, Burma, and Thailand but the children of the Bantu tribe still hold a special place with me today. 

This leads me to today and the horrible famine that has plagued Somalia and Kenya.  Yesterday I read that 330 children have died every day for the past 90 days in Somalia.....almost 30,000 children.  I see images on the news and I can see the faces of my students and their families in each and every image.  It is not lost on me that there are nations who argue about how high to raise the debt while mothers in other countries are watching their children starve to death.  I realize we have our own problems here in America but this famine is something that is really pulling on my heart and I am left wondering what to do. 

I pray for the people of Somalia and Kenya that relief is in sight and that I am open to the path that God leads me.


  1. Joining with you in prayers for the people of Somalia and Kenya.

  2. Thank you for this... I have spent many weeks in Ethiopia, I have four children from there, and I work with children there, so a big part of my heart is always in Africa. The suffering that goes on and is accepted by the world is heartbreaking and terrible.

  3. It hurts my heart as well. All the suffering in the world hurts my heart. We saw refugees on the street corner from Somalia with signs the other day and I went into the grocery store with tears in my eyes. I hate feeling so helpless. Like you said...there is poverty, despair, child neglect and other atrocities even here in the US but 330 daily?!? It's hard to fathom.

  4. thank you for sharing this post. my prayers are also with the people of somalia and kenya!

  5. Nancy I'm glad you shared this. I see those images on the news and hear the numbers and it truly hurts my heart. I join you in the prayers for relief for the people of Somalia and Kenya.

  6. Oh Nancy....I am praying with you as well. I have been watching CNN this week and they have been having special reports every night. Every night I cry. I ache to hold those babies and children and try to help. I am hoping that God guides my way as well.

  7. How tragic and sad. My heart is with you, Nancy.

  8. This is so sad. and I feel like I don't think about it because I don't see it everyday, you know? I can't imagine what it would be like and feel like I should be thankful for what we have and be able to help in some way.

  9. Amazing. Post.