Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Things Thursday-Ode to Whole Foods

Since moving to Cape Cod we left behind a lot of conveniences in exchange for ocean and safe streets.  One of the things left behind was my dear Whole Foods!  Em and I used to roam the isles weekly picking up bright organic produce and lots of other yummy goodies!  Well last night when my girl Jill suggested we head to Whole Foods to grab dinner I jumped up and down cheering said sure thing!  I love Whole Foods aka Whole Paycheck for so many reasons but here are three.....

1.  You just feel healthy being there.....I know there are bad foods there too but the the produce displays and organic this and that I just feel like I am drawn to the foods that I should be eating!!!  Talk about eating with the eyes!!
2.  You never know what you could find!.....They have new things every time I go there!  This time was a grilled veggie panini, a "make your own" trail mix station, and a super yummy quinoa salad!  I love it!!!
3.  Feels like home....I realize that this is partly because the Whole Foods we went to was the one which I mentioned before.  Literally Em and I were there EVERY week roaming the isles and snacking away!  Yesterday walking in the doors was like coming home!  Silly I know but it was great!  I even picked up Em a new cup!  I had bought her one when she was first born that said, "I'm organically grown" and it is beyond recognition now!  She clearly needed a replacement!

Do you share my love for Whole Foods?  What stores do you use to find your healthy hard to finds?  Oh and have you seen the song on Youtube about Whole Foods....very funny!!

Oh and yes tomorrow is Friday!!!  I'll be the one driving at mock speed through Boston on way to see her girl and hubby!!!!  


  1. love whole foods, such yummy stuff. we don't have one in our town thank goodness! $$$

  2. I love Whole Foods! The closest one is a half hour away so I don't get there as often as I would like- which is good for our bank account!!

  3. I wish we had a Whole Foods here in ND... I would have a hay day in there!

  4. I do love Whole Foods and every time I'm in there I think A. "Why don't I shop here more often??? It is clean, convenient, radiating HEALTH, full of GOOD stuff, kid friendly, etc. and then I pay and think B. Woah, they just took my Whole paycheck. Ha! But I do go there sometimes. WE also shop at New Seasons (similar to Whole foods but smaller) and Trader Joes.