Friday, December 2, 2011

Fitness Friday-Tips on Night Running

Well Living the Dream went Christmas yesterday....what do you think?  I really need to figure out how to make a custom header.....anyone have a suggestion?  Like how do I put a collage like thingy (very technical term) on the top???

Onto the fun.....
Tips I've Learned from My ONE Day Running at Night (You know since one day makes me an expert!)
  • Find someone with a headlamp and DO NOT LOSE THEM!!!.....I ended up running most of the 6 miler with an older man (whom I giggled when I thought of his nickname of Fit Santa) who had a headlamp.  He was a great tour guide pointing out places in the road that were uneven, the Kennedy Compound, the beach, etc.  Each time he looked that way as to light the way for me!  Thanks Fit Santa....who was also a fast runner so I had to haul butt to stay with him so I wouldn't be left in the dark!
  • Know the route you are taking.....Since this was my first time, and unfamiliar with the area, I should have made sure I knew the route beforehand.  I had my eye on the lead group and was ok until the people I was with turned at the fork for the 5 mile route.  They gave me directions (which if I followed would have sent me running into the ocean) and then I lost the lead group.  Thank goodness the aforementioned Fit Santa was with me.  He knew the way well.  
  • Get your own headlamp....One of the lovely side effects of my passion for the tanning bed most of my life before kids is night blindness.  I have a hard time seeing in the dark especially when there are lights that shine in my eyes and then go away (kind of like headlights on cars driving by).  I definitely ran into branches and potholes due to not seeing them. 
  • Wear reflective clothing....This one I actually got right.  A cute pink Sacouny jacket that was on sale thank you very much!
  • Run with a group....Again I am so thankful for this running group but if you live in an area without one start your own!!  It is a great way to meet new runners or gather old friends together and stay healthy.  I always feel motivated to go knowing they'll ask me the next time where I was!
  • Have fun and take it all in....Yeah once I found Fit Santa, I had fun taking it all in.  People had begun setting up their Christmas lights, huge houses, beaches (Ok I couldn't really see those but I made a mental note to drive back there when it was light out), and meeting new and very interesting people.  Fit Santa is training to run Houston.
Have a great Friday all!!!  Good luck to those racing this weekend....I was watching the news this morning and saw the snow in Vegas.....YIKES!  Go out and rock your races and let me know so I can cheer you on!  I also got my names for the card exchange with Kim at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls.....Go Team Rudolph!!


  1. I love your Fit Santa friend. Good tips! I don't normally run at night, but if I was with a group, I'd be okay with it.

    I made the header on my blog, just using Photoshop to create the image before uploading it.

  2. Sounds fun. Thank goodness for Fit Santa!

  3. i like the christmas theme. My photo header I made using SUPER EASY

  4. I run in the early a.m. dark all the time, and it is time I get a headlamp! I usually run w/ friends, many of who have them, and I have been a headlamp leech for too long!


  5. I'm a big chicken in the dark so running at night isn't really for me.
    When I had a custom header I made it as a collage in Picasa. I know that was a lot of help. sorry. : )

  6. I've never done a run in the dark!! I think I'm chicken like Danielle.

  7. I run in the early morning dark all the time, but nighttime dark scares me more. Maybe a headlamp would help.

  8. I run in the early morning/dark all the time. Agree that a headlamp is key! Good tips!

  9. Running at night is a great challenge and super fun! It is really cool when the moon is out and u can shut off the head lamp....

  10. Great advice! I love your new header! Is that the run in New Bedford!? My friends were trying to talk me into coming back to MA for that race next week....I doubt I will make it but it sounded like so much fun!

    I can email you with some tips regarding headers/collage thingys if you want.

    Go team Rudolph!

  11. I love running at night - for some reason, I feel like it makes me faster!! :) I DO need to get a headlamp though, as unsexy as they may be.

  12. Yes ma'am you need a headlamp! I love my Petzl Tikka2. It's safer and you'll feel more comfortable going faster. All the better to keep up with Fit Santa!

  13. Great tips. I finally ended up just getting my won head lamp. Chad found one that clips on to my cap so I don't have to actually wear the lamp. It's perfect.

    If you want to send me the photo(s) I will make you a custom header. Or if you have photoshop and want to send me your banner size I can create a template for you. EIther of those options are easier than me trying to explain how to do it :)

  14. I do like the new Christmas theme! It looks great. THanks for the tips on running in the dark. I have yet to conquer that feat but if I ever work up the courage I will definitely keep all of this in mind! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!