Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday-Resolution Style

I can hardly believe that 2011 is coming to a close....I mean I just started writing the year correctly and now I need to learn it all over again!  I'm saving my fitness goals for tomorrow's Fitness Friday Blog,  so my 3 things are resolutions/goals for the rest of, soul, house/work

  • Just be....and love: Life is flying by at breakneck speeds and Em is getting older by the day.  I fear I will miss this blessing by letting everything else around me cloud my time with her and my hubby.  Each night I want to have the time to unplug and just be as a family.  Slowing down to love each other with our full attention.
  • Date night: I will plan a date night each month for my hubby....if I want him to do it, I need to too!
  • Em journal: I have started a journal to Em and this year I will write in it once a week.  I forget things so quickly!
  • I love you: I will not let time go by without telling my family how much they mean to me (and this goes farther than our four walls to my friends as well).  2011 has taught me that life is too short to let people question how much they mean to you.  I did a fair job in 2011 but 2012 will be better!
  • BE ON TIME: Yeah that is a biggie for work....ooops sorry!
  • Don't put it off: I have housework and work work I love to put off.  It only adds stress so no more!....unless of course it interferes with my family time ;-)
Soul:  2010 and 2011 I fed my soul through pounding pavement/treadmill rubber running 2600+ miles, this year I will continue this but also find other ways to feed my soul
  • Scrapbooking:  I love making scrapbooks but have fallen out of the habit.  I have a Project Life book just waiting to be goal this year is to catch up!!!
  • Church: Since moving down here we haven't found a home church...this is our year!
  • Reading: I have a mountain of books on my nightstand just waiting to be read and this is their year!
  • Friends: Yeah I know I mentioned this already but this year is also about reconnecting with friends! 
Do you make resolutions?  If so, what are they?  What is your own challenge this year?
I apologize for not responding to all of you this week....I appreciate your awesome comments and promise to catch up soon!!


  1. so I usually go with a word or phrase for the year and you totally got mine...just be! Love that one, love all of yours and I think a lot of people are late to work, it kind of just happens!

  2. I like how you make goals in multiple areas of your life. That's a great idea. And the journal is really cool. I'm SO bad about documenting my kid's lives--they'll yell at me later!

    And no concrete goals--another slacking area!

  3. What books are you looking to read? I love to know what is on everyone's list at this time of the year.

  4. Great goals. I also like your journal idea - I've been trying to get better about putting together photo books for the kids....time does go by way too fast!

  5. Those sound like some great goals and I TOTALLY know what you mean about just beginning to get the year right :P I'll most likely screw it up for most, if not all of January. I have a big resolution but I won't tell till NYE! :D

    I always have small goals but I only ever make one resolution. Last year it was to quit smoking and I did it ;)

  6. The Em journal sounds like a wonderful thing. My mom & I started one when I was little, where we would write little notes to each other. That unfortunately stopped, & now the journal's gone. It would've been a nice memento for me to look back through.

  7. Great resolutions!!! 2012 will be a great year :)

  8. I love all of your resolutions - I want to dosome of them myself - like not putting off housework and getting back to my scrapbooks as well. Reading would be nice too! I am still in the process of getting my list together... still a couple of more days left - right?

  9. great goals! it is so hard to get back into scrapbooking after you fall out of the habit. I love the saying I love you part - very important.

  10. Let us know any good books you read- I need suggestions!!
    I love your goals- I need to start scrapbooking again, too.

  11. Great resolutions! I make them all year. New Years is just a date on the calendar. But I do enjoy all the excitement other people bring around in January.

  12. You never cease to inspire me and challenge me to grow. You are amazing and I love you. Stace