Friday, December 30, 2011

Fitness Friday....Bring it 2012!

Yesterday I posted about what goals I had for 2012 for the rest of my it is about the other!  Each year I look back and think, "Thank you God for carrying me through another amazing year of fitness!"  I mean I would be really blinded if I didn't take the time to give praise where it was most importantly due!  2 1/2 years have gone by since my horrible back injury I had just 6 months after Em was born.  Each year I set goals for my fitness and pray that I make it through injury free!  I am grateful for 365 injury free days!  This year I pray for nothing less!!  I also would have never been able to reach my goals this past year without the support of my hubby who has sacrificed for me so that I can get in my runs.  Thank you babe!!

With this year's goals, I am trying to build in more balance to my fitness.  BC (before children) the hubs and I would spend 2+ hours at the gym and I took every class known to man!  I loved it all!  Even after Em I loved going to Spin classes and TRX cardio blast classes.  The summer of 2010 I was the strongest I have ever felt due to this and an amazing trainer named Di from Dihard Fitness in Salem, MA.  Though we live too far away now for me to go there, I want to get back to a stronger me for 2012!  Here are my goals for 2012:
  • Run (at least) 12 half marathons (this may be virtually as well as in person)
  • Bring back the brawn!  I want to strength train at least 3 days a week.  To start this off I am doing the Insanity program starting Monday!
  • Focus on Fuel.....This year I want to get beyond the scale and eat foods that fuel my body so that I have the energy to be an energetic wife and mom!  When I am a slave to the scale I tend to pick "diet" foods instead of the best foods to fuel my body!
  • Try Crossfit (any suggestions out there?)
  • Run 1000+ miles (yeah keeping the streak alive!)
What are your fitness goals for 2012?  How are you going to make this your fittest year for YOU?


  1. Loved hearing this passionate and grateful post!! Your 2012 goals sound wonderful!

  2. You sound pumped and ready to go! Here's to an amazing 2012.

  3. Love your 2012 goals! Life really changes after kids - huh?

    That's where my goals for the year aer headed... balance!

  4. Love all of your goals! I think you will kick all of your goals butts!

  5. Awesome goals Nancy! I am with you on the strength training and eating the right fuel. I'm hoping to keep those things going all year - not just the spring which is what I usually end up doing. Happy New Year!!!! Here's to a great one for all of us!

  6. Mines not so much a fitness goal as a survival goal ;-) .... its to survive the London Marathon in 2012, what my brain tells my body to do it will xx

  7. Great goals! The food as fuel is so important... I eat pretty well other than giving into my sugar cravings... hoping to get that under control in the new year! Excited to follow your journey!

  8. We have a lot in common with supportive husbands, a heartfelt gratitude for injury free and for 2012. Good luck with Insanity! I'm starting P90X2 on Mon. Bring it!!

    Happy new year!

  9. Very nice goals :)

    Only suggestion I have for Crossfit is to give it a couple of weeks. I actually didn't think I'd stick with it for my first two weeks, then I saw progress & was hooked. Enjoy!

  10. Great goals! I think you will have a wonderful 2012!

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